Learn about Komeco Air Conditioner

Choose air conditioner that best matches your usage profile and ensure their well-being at home or in the workplace.

If you are looking for air conditioning and have researched some models, you are certainly encountering Komeco air conditioning. The national brand offers products modern and cutting edge to ensure the convenience of people who want to thermal comfort.

The online shop has various types of Komeco air conditioning in cold and hot/cold version with the best prices in the market. Just know what the model that best fits your needs, whether for home or commercial areas.

Learn about the types of Komeco air conditioner

Cassette : the apparatus is very quiet because the condenser is located outside the room. Inside is the evaporation and it can be installed either in the ceiling or in the lining. It also has air drivers to design the air to certain areas.

Floor Ceiling : as the name suggests, it can be installed either close to the floor, as close to the ceiling, which ensures a good air distribution, and equipment in high demand for office and commercial areas . Like other types of machine, it has a condenser which is positioned on the outside and the inside evaporator makes a device silent.

Curtain : some environments require that the passages are kept open. To ensure the operation of the air conditioning in place, the installation of an air curtain is the solution. Usually placed above the door and next to the main unit, it will act as a thermal insulator space, keeping the temperature stable.

Portable : This model does not require works to install, just have a nearby window. What’s more, the transportation is facilitated by wheels present in most models, which allows it to be loaded into other environments.

Split : the equipment is one of the quietest on the market. It also has two parts: the evaporator, installed inside the environment and the condenser, placed side the outside. The condenser is the largest source of noise in the equipment. In the case of split air conditioner, the condenser is outside of the construction to avoid unwanted noise.

Calculating the optimum power

The symbol is indicative of the power that the device has. To know what the ideal is, you can do ​​a calculation based on the area to be cooled. However, some factors also influence the power you need, such as the amount of people and the presence of electronic devices in the environment.

Care facility!

Run problems! Each air conditioner that you are installing must have a specific circuit breaker with exclusive wiring for it. Otherwise, the electrical network may become overloaded and the life of the device may decrease and even put your home at risk. Locations where the air conditioning pipe interferes with electrical and hydraulic installations should be disregarded.

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