Latest Trends in Underwear

Once it gets colder, I cover myself not only with warm clothing one but rummage like in the shops for the latest trends in underwear. Finally the holidays are also not too far away and beautiful lingerie ought to have every woman in the closet! Be present it for your own well-being or to be the partner of its best.

Lingerie – Colours & Details

Tune with the season dominated by classic black and seductive red. In order to do in any case everything right. Black lingerie obtained by delicate lace details, prints and laces and small applications that special something. Is matched by supple negligees and vests, which envelop the body delicately.

By contrast, laundry is in sinful red the perfect weapon against the winter blues, because it conveys love, passion and energy. Moreover, it is just for New Year’s Eve a secret-according to Italian custom brings namely happiness. Since you should access in any case! Inspiration for more beautiful underwear you will find the way here.

Trends in Lingerie

Lingerie – Fit

Very important when choosing the right lingerie is fit, because great cuts and refined details not only provide for a perfect fit, but also like to hide one or the other problem area. Curvy women should rather resort to underwired bras and briefs. Just briefs with a high cut leg stretch namely additionally the silhouette. Push-up bras, thongs and panties contrast emphasize the advantages of narrow characters and conjure up if necessary add a few curves. And who has feasted at Christmas a bit too much, which makes use of shaping shapewear! By the way: Do you know actually your correct lingerie size? Otherwise check it in our contribution to determine bra size…

All shown lingerie are available from 6 November. Please note that our goods, we can always offer limited time only.

If it is of the people who like to spice up your relationship, take a peek at our suggestions for lingerie feminine, and show off all the sexiness in you.

Thinking of you and ways to improve your relationship, we went to search for 7 pieces of lingeriefeminine super sexy.

Is to offer your partner is to surprise your partner, our suggestions will certainly help to spice up your relationship.



What man is there that do not have on your imaginary view-surrender to a partner elegantly dressed with a sexy set of lingerie female composed of bodice and thong to match?

Play with your imagination and let yourself go freely. This bodice black will transform her into the heroine of a japanese story, use your power and unleash your side more wild. For sale by 45,95€.

Latest Trends in Underwear 1


Still within the theme, lingerie feminine, feel your sensuality with this dress.

Prepare a dinner aphrodisiac for your partner and dress up for the leave you speechless. With this wonderful dress with a frame in the cups and adjustable shoulder straps, your partner will not be able to take their eyes (and hands) to themselves.

The cut enhances dramatically its curves and the range of studs metal gives you a more irreverent.

Sold with a thong to match, it will take your parceito to the madness. On sale for 26,95€.


Nothing like a sexy thong with opening to let them completely crazy. Think about to satisfy your innermost desires and add you to this incredible thong.

The court makes that highlight its curves and the details of metal give you a more irreverent. Join him a few slap the nipples and going to be the madness. On sale for 9,95€.


To accompany the thong with opening nothing like a sensual slap nipples.

Made in fur with details in metal to give it more power, these slap nipples that will enhance all your sensuality, you leave your partner crazy of desire.

If you want to further spice up your relationship, take a peek at our article accessories, and miss. On sale for 7,95€.

Latest Trends in Underwear 2


This body made in lace smooth with floral details and is adorned with daring elastic will leave it at the forefront of intimate apparel. Feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Match with your favorite outfit, go to a program and romantic time for the crazy to show you all their sexiness. On sale for 26,95€.


And who is it that said that a robe can’t be sexy? This robe’s super elegant, made in micro-network soft and translucent has floral motifs.

Adjust with the delicate satin ribbon and feel all the eroticism that is in you.

If you want to risk it even more, buy some handcuffs and a feather duster and let him crazy of pleasure. Sold in conjunction with the thong for 34,95€.


The well-known brand Demoniq presents Shibari, a collection full of eroticism, and that promises to tie your partner to every detail.

If you want to try something new, why not enter in the world of bondage with this dress? It is the toilette that’s perfect for your initiation to bondage.

A dress to imitate leather with two straps in red netting on the sides and an open neckline. Includes two nylon strings red, 8 feet, perfect for novice users and the average.

Will not be missing anything for a fantastic experience. If they can still use some of the products of bondage, which you can see in our article regarding this topic. For sale by 95,95€.