Lamps Made of Natural Materials

Designer lamps made from natural materials such as wood, clay or paper an excellent match for a modern concept of living. Recently, we introduced some lights that are particularly suitable for imparting living rooms a fresh, summery mood. Especially colors and botanical patterns played a role. Today we will take a few lamps from natural materials closer look. They also produce a positive mood and are suitable to induce a warm, homelike atmosphere. You can draw attention to itself by its special design and integrate well in interiors where wood, rattan, sisal or stone play a role. In our design place showroom in Berlin you can watch on the quality and appearance, have the lights made of natural materials, convince.

Nordic Naturalness

A number of manufacturers and designers working with wood as a natural material, which can caused tasteful effects. On design place we carry a wide selection of wooden lamps of all kinds. Those who appreciate the Nordic design, which will see the lights of SECTO durable quality products. Secto lamps are contemporary design objects, they have already found their way into the museum and can be seen as a modern classic luminaires already. Living spaces in which Scandinavian classics of furniture design by Børge Mogensen, Alvar Aalto or Hans J. Wegener are can be perfectly complemented by a wooden lamp of Secto in a contemporary way. The luminaire manufacturer from the north relies on professional craftsmanship and wood from sustainable, Scandinavian forestry. The model Atto 5000 is based on the familiar silhouette of a lampshade. The tight rows wooden struts describe a soft ball shape, yet remain light and filigree in appearance. This impression is further emphasized when penetrates through the interstices of light. Atto pendant lamp is elegant and unpretentious equally in their organic appearance. It is in four types of wood-available-black, white, walnut and birch. It fits well with interiors that are decorated in light, natural tones and in which many natural materials are found. 

Organic, soft: Guijarros of LTE

On closer examination of lights made ​​of wood, you can not get away LTE. For many years, lamps are made ​​of veneer crafted in an old stone winery in Valencia. The natural material is treated in an environmentally sound manner and comes from FSC certified forests. The products convince with creative design and natural look of wood veneer. In the illuminated condition occurs when LZF lights out the natural grain of the wood and the material irradiated, in the truest sense of the word, from. Particularly versatile is the wall and ceiling lamp Guijarro. Their organic shape integrates into different architectural environments. They exist not only in six different shapes and sizes, and the color can be varied according to taste. The designer Marivi Calvo got the inspiration for his design from the caress the quality of the stones in a streambed. And just as small, soft and asymmetrical Also the Guijarros nestle (Spanish: pebbles) on wall and ceiling. The most striking features more of these lights work combined.

Natural Materials: Warm And Effectively

A particularly natural and warm appearance can cause lamps of clay. The designer lamps manufactory POTT also create a unique lighting effect.Responsible for the organic design of Spain’s Miguel Ángel García Belmont. He is inspired by the rich nature of the ocean and translated poetic moods and natural forms in something exceptional lighting design that is in production on the Iberian tradition of craftsmanship. In the lights of Pott thus combines nature, traditions, crafts and design. The pendant lamp Pott SpongeUp vaguely reminiscent of a sponge in the sea and can effectively leak light through the dense, fine holes in its surface. The organic form is not connected to state a true feast for the eyes. Through its perforated surface of clay brightness exits while seems the whole lampshade to radiate. From inside SpongeUp also are sufficiently warm light downward. SpongeUp takes place mostly over the dining table, it fits the shape of the lights to different interior environments. SpongeUp is in four natural colors – white, terracotta, red and black-and two sizes. Both to Interior country-style as well as the Scandinavian Design, a lamp by Pott be added. And with contemporary-cool or mid-century-inspired environments SpongeUp will harmonize well in white. Depending on the choice of color to act conspicuous natural or withdraws discreetly.

Of Course, Exceptional

Also Cork is a natural material that has secured a firm place in modern interior design. Nevertheless lamps, which are manufactured from this material are rather rare. Mater is with Luiz Lamp exclusive Korkleuchte are available, which has an impressively clear language of form and sensual finish. In the Luiz Lamp to traditional crafts and contemporary design combine harmoniously and responsibly. The cork comes from Portugal and is harvested there under strict conditions. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means not only the cork is protected, but also the local biodiversity. Korkleuchten are unusual and can put a natural and yet eye-catching device accent. The Luiz Lamp designers have Henssler + Böttcher designed it is dark and light available in two versions. The small pendant lamp gives, inter alia, a narrow corridor a warm atmosphere, but also fits well over the kitchen island or dining table.