Lace Earrings: Must-have of the Summer

Give a touch of glamor to the summer look, light and colorful feathers as here some proposals for Tita, Sodini and Stroili.

Women's Lace Earrings

Lace on dresses, lace on bags, tights and lace on the swimsuits. They could escape this season’s must absolutely earrings, among the most popular accessories by us women?Absolutely not! There are many jewelry and jewelry brands that have entered into their proposed collections inspired by this acclaimed trend, which gives a nod to a romantic atmosphere and a retro flavor.

So here are some suggestions for choosing the most of the object of desire for this spring / summer, and track down the models to be missed.

The first brand of lace jewelry in Italy

For collectors, it will be impossible to give up a couple of Tita Bijoux earrings, the brand that first introduced in Italy the lace as a decorative element of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.In a delightful boutique in downtown Milan, Laura and Celine-mother and daughter – exhibit their creations in a wide gradation of shapes, sizes and colors. Advise you to stop by Tita (or take a look at the site) to those who are looking for a unique piece, to show off, for example for a ceremony: bringing a sample of your favorite color, you can commission a pair of earrings custom, for the perfect match with shoes or purse.

Classic shapes and colors pop from Sodini

Easy Pieces with which illuminate our faces and give personality to the most basic look.S odini are the earrings, historic Italian brand of jewelry that offers elegant chandelier made of lace and embellished with the glow of the crystals. If you have not yet dared with an earring lace, a soft start can be the model Sodini macramé blue, lavender inlaid stones: elegant and essential, will stand very well with a pair of jeans.

Stroili: the lace also in jewelry

The consecration of lace earrings is the Arabesque collection Stroili Gold, the largest chain of jewelers in Italy. Embellished with Swarovski and silver finishes, the art of macramé is renewed in contemporary and sleek shapes. Do not miss the long gold earrings, to wear for a romantic evening by the sea.

For most helpful and creative, the lace earrings are a great testing ground in which to try to make their own jewelry at home. Through the instructions of a tutorial video will be even easier to realize step by step the original crocheted earrings, unique pieces created with imagination and a few tools.