La Perla Bridal, the Collection Dedicated to Brides

When the best day, that of marriage, awaited for a lifetime by the majority of women, is getting a lot of talk of the wedding dress, of which there are millions of variations, haute couture and not to please everyone tastes and all kinds of whims. But there is one thing that is just as important if not more so, the underwear that day. Because in addition to the functionality necessary to emphasize as much as possible the dress must be seductive and delicate at the same time not to disappoint the expectations of the romantic wedding night.That’s why the Pearl, one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to underwear, he has seen fit to create an entire collection dedicated just to future brides, La Perla Bridal.

The collection includes bustier, culottes, bandeau bras or push ups depending on the needs and slip gown and thong made ​​of delicate chantilly lace, undetectable under the wedding dress, all available in natural or white color. La Perla has thought to all, not only to underwear for the day but also at night that has its immaculate but sensual nightgown in satin and georgette and complete the finery and be in place in any situation without ever demolish the romantic allure and the sensual time, even the robe dresses transparencies and winking games of see-given away by the combination of chantilly lace and silk georgette which give a glimpse of a naughty garter made ​​from the same fabric.with a total look for wedding day and for the night that follows, La Perla has thought of everything, and if you want even a surprise there is also the circle complete with a flirtatious feather.

We just have to find the groom!