Klipsch RF-52 II in the Test

The Klipsch RF-52 II brings efficiency and clean sound culture convincingly. The small level box, reflected in the test, what what does it.

If the Klipsch RF-52 II a whisky, would then be a smoky Scot for real guys. But please in the slim flask, as compared to the massive RF-7 II, so to speak, a Magnum bottle, she is really Petite just in the waist.

But of course she comes in fact from the United States – and it has a sly old dog behind the ears: Horn-power is on. The form of the Tractrix Horn is cast in one piece with the plastic baffle; and behind it no squeaking Bill toners, but a high-quality one inch dome made of the space material is titanium. So you really can give fabric, the part has an own heatsink.

Music is so neatly from 1700 Hertz. The two woofer must carry away what goes deeper, their Cerametallic membranes to combine the best of metal and ceramic. An extra invitation no longer get, but the threesome two since ‘ on since ‘ work. A huge tube helps to fire real bass volleys from the rear.

Born in the United States

Also the Klipsch makes with lavish parties, for it alone their high efficiency of over 88 decibels and their Sensational low AUDIO code speak of 47. At this point not a competitor in this test is the American. However, the RF-52 II can convince completely in contrast to its predecessor in audiophile terms. The mighty organ and the choir of Cesar Franck’s fair (Tetu, Aeolus) were not only-extremely differentiated and airy.

The US box impressed also with convincing spatial and excellent focus. So the two wore be Converter hoernten classic very crisp and-zackig before, abstained from it but any intrusiveness or sharpness. Very quickly it became clear that the comprehensive modifications affecting especially the tweeter, led to a significant progression of the sound.

Turbo Power for the organ

Also with the organ solo by subsidizing SACD, the RF-52 II demonstrated control and emphasis in the lower octaves. It seemed that the organist would have ignited a-Turbo without to make the back gift in the pitching. A colleague said promptly: “The Klipsch are powerful gas.”

All the more gratifying that the speaker while had a very balanced and weightless in space was the music in some way. With this fabulous figure and dynamics, the US delegation at rock and pop had easy game. The precise, punchy bass line in the title track of the album “Soldier of love” by Sade went under the skin. And the drums in the live version of the Eagles classic “Hotel California” have benefited from the ability to trace the contours with extreme precision.

No wonder that surfaced in the hearing test notes descriptions such as “dynamically sublime” and “sensational attacks”. Also, the Klipsch noticed by their big picture moved very well off the boxes.

Earned points cushion

Weaknesses showed only the US Ambassador of sound, if she handle to much information at once had such as Mahler’s “lied von der Erde” (Tilson Thomas, SFO). Then put the Klipsch homogeneity before dissolution and let slightly pressed sound voices – at a price of 800 euros but no serious criticism.

So the RF-52 II was a truly strong notion that Argent 390 brings them with 75 points not just before the Quadral: the improvements give the reissue also a handsome cushion of four points on the RF-52 2007 tested in the April issue.