Kiprun SD Running Shoes Reviews

This year 2014 Kalenji surprised us with brand new designs. Above all, it caught my attention on the new Kiprun SD and the promise that reached stores announcing their weight reduction with respect to the 2013 model.

I am a runner who tends to the mountain, although he always plays some asphalt racing, to add to calendar from 10 km to marathons, just that I also approach between 2 and 3 workouts weekly routines of training on firm ground, in which I combine series and strength coaches.

Being a broker’s neutral tread, with an approximate weight of 60 / 62kg, I’ve launched to test of shoes that so impressed me arriving at the store.

At first glance seem a mixed shoe, with good touch on the area of the heel but without being a soft shoe that absorbs too much energy of our career.They do not give a great feeling of comfort, but yes a great lightness, flexibility and feel of bare foot and providing information of everything that we find.

A curious point is that all the upper of the shoe (the part above the sole) is very malleable and adapts to the foot 100%, the sensation is to carry the subject standing at all times, even in braking abrupt or changes of direction, although the shoe not this designed for that use. In quality training (series), the shoe has some dramatic reactions. Thanks to the component’s Up’Bar you will notice that the shoe has a return of the front very fast, without hindering the flexibility of the model; This helps us in rhythms of career very high, if we also add the midsole is not especially soft get feelings similar to the of a flying shoes, but with a greater damping, above all in the area of heel. You can buy this pair of shoes through Animalerts.

So I like their feelings, it brings features of very rapid shoe but without generating one extreme fatigue to lengthen the coaches or make many sessions a week, since it is more cushioned than models with similar characteristics.

In linear, coaches the Kiprun SD also has a correct treatment. As I mentioned before, in slow shooting you can give a little comfort, but as we increase, the feeling is thrust forward and comfort of race.

As a test, I made a marathon with them resulting my best personal branding. The legs were beginning to overload on the km 34, which is not an abnormal factor. So, for people of low weight the new Kiprun SD could extend them the range of possibilities. The truth is a very successful model that I believe that it will highlight in its sector.