Kid Room Decor

Create a baby room decor can be a challenging task for parents. After all, boys have well-defined tastes and wish to print your personality also in room decor.

The secret is to get the balance between what the child wants and needs that must be met in the room, which is a place for rest, study and play. See the Tips of the architect Leila Dionizios to have a beautiful and functional baby room decor.

  • Small children do not yet know very well what’s the point of a room, so it is important that the decor help show her that this is a place to sleep. So, everything in it must refer to comfort and give a sense of security, for she used to stay in the environment and feel good in it. To do this, have a harmonious and pleasant environment is essential. The decoration should be quiet and mail relaxing moments.
  • It is not because you are creating a boy room decor that you will paint everything blue and decorate with superheroes. Let your son indicate things you like. Use characters in the children’s room decor is risky because the child tends to change of taste very quickly and fail to admire the design according to ENTERTAINMENTDNS.COM. If your child is a fan of a band, propose a decoration connected to the music; If you like a football team can be the predominant theme.

When choosing the color palette, give preference to light colors and neutral tones, which are easier to match and help in creating a baby room decor more classic and timeless, without needing to be changed anytime soon. Let the stronger colors to be used in some furniture and accessories that will complement and give charm decoration. If you want to leave a wall more interesting, you can cover it with wallpaper or put some wall stickers to give a touch more room decoration.

  • The bed is the main item in the room and should be chosen carefully because good nights of sleep are fundamental to child development. So, the bed must be of an appropriate size to accompany the growth of the boy and the mattress should be suitable for your weight. The orthopedic surgeons recommend using foam density 18 or 20 for children from 3 to 8 years and 28 density for older children, preferably anti-allergic and anti-dust mite.
  • The cabinet shall include clothes and shoes, so that everything takes place and don’t get spread. You must also provide a way to organize the toys and other items. To do so, you can use organizing boxes, chests, shelves, niches, etc. Everything will depend on the size of the room and the way will be organized. It is worth encouraging the child to tidy your room early, putting all the things in the proper places, and making her more and more responsible for your own space.

Books and notebooks should not stay in the closet, because they need a suitable place to keep his hand in time of need. To this end, it pays to have a little corner in the room, with shelves for books and a desk. The child will feel encouraged to read and study.

  • Try not to overfill the room for movement and space for children to play. It is important to reserve this space for fun, for the child to use it and not mess up the other rooms of the House. The space can also be used to receive little friends to play and study.

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