Kenwood DNX520VBT

Eye-catcher with good facilities: like Kenwood answer to the question “How do I build an alternative to the factory system?”.

Even high-quality plant system “RNS 510” Volkswagen would be in addition to Kenwood chic DNX520VBT (1299 euro) sweat: both optically and haptically the new Naviceiver DNX520VBT for VW models is doing pretty damn well.

The front of the Naviceivers held in black piano lacquer is equipped with silver-coloured elements, the blue illuminated buttons on the left and right edge of the housing shine auspiciously, handy and easy to reach. This also applies to the rubberized push and Rotary wheel.

Operation of the steering wheel

Kenwood is reflected in the selection of its suppliers resistant: the Bluetooth hands-free kit is as always from Parrot, the navigation by Garmin. Both functions are controlled via the clearly arranged main menu, which is us after just 27 seconds boot time available. Serving the Kenwood DNX520VBT is either via the measuring 7 inch touch screen or via the remote control of the steering wheel.

To use the latter, you however need the CAN-bus adapter CAW VW2150 for 99 euros. Who wants the full comfort, should not abandon the connection of the steering wheel remote control, the extra cost is quickly forgotten in the hectic city traffic at the latest.

Apart from this adapter everything on board, what you need for entertaining travel but is: includes a USB connection on the pretty front for iPod and MP3 player as well as a DVD player, on the popular video and music formats play on let. Left down on the front is also a slot for MicroSD cards.

It is handy that the navigation in a small bar at the bottom of the screen will be shown: A tap is sufficient to activate the navigation mode. On request, you can customize the menu interface with different designs. However, these designs (flame and metal) got some little pop and are likely to be not to everyone’s taste.

To be able to use the telephone feature, you must first enable Bluetooth on your mobile and pair it with then the Kenwood Naviceiver. It succeeded, it can comfortably phone via the multimedia device. Convenient therefore, because waiting for the clear phone menu with sufficiently large control surfaces. Also offers system SMS messages. A voice or a voice dialing not the speakerphone, however, provides also she reads the text messages not via text to speech.

Garmin on board

It then enters the navigation, usability is better: Although the user interface of the Naviceivers is largely open, it will find some small fields that have not yet been translated into German.

Unlike in the Navi mode, here is the Garmin typical Overview: plenty of space and only a few buttons decorate the main menu. A short tap is sufficient, and menus flying with a short animation into it or out. It is also nice that high and down can be within the menus through the stripes of the screen.

It is however also Garmin typical that one is not supported by a letter suppression or a priority at the destination entry. For the appropriate places on the basis of a list are displayed as soon as you have typed enough letters of the destination. Has it even internalized this quirk, entering new goals is pleasantly rapidly by hand.

When selecting a POI, the activated phone mode makes again positive effect: so many points of interest such as restaurants, for example, can be easily with a trigger call. This is a very handy feature in everyday life.

A more important everyday function complies with the integrated TMC receiver: he informs the driver about the current traffic situation with a symbol whose color you can see the current traffic situation on the storage card. TMC is not precise enough, the can be Kenwood DNX520VBT on the more precise TMC-Pro upgrade.

A look at the map shows that Garmin is behind the navigation, no later than: this looks rather detail-poor, but still legible. So far so good.

A very large and significant down-bending arrow shows where it’s, the calculated route is shown clearly and full of contrasts. She no longer quite so clearly looks only at a lower zoom level. The Kenwood DNX520VBT not unfortunately offers a lane and a representation of the signpost. One does not find the highest evolution of the Garmin navigation software on the Kenwood so, as compared with the current mobile navigation systems of the American shows.

The user information fields can assemble the right edge of the map, with information about the speed or the estimated time of arrival. To reassign a field, one must simply tap and select a new option. So is informed at all times about the current dates.

At this point, a small but nice detail hiding: you type on the info box “Speed”, enters the rice computer. This separate view consists of a large tachometer on the left side and various information fields.

Slightly improved routing

Who in his VW Golf fitted the Kenwood DNX520VBT leaves can look forward when navigating on strange terrain over a voice message with a mostly good timing. Thanks to text-to-speech feature, the system depending the driver the street names – this saves you the annoying and sometimes distracting views of the display.

In previous tests have been the Kenwood Naviceiver route quality a hampered known precisely by navigation contributed by Garmin. Not infrequently, the software tended to get us through traffic calming zones and sometimes quite circuitous routes through the Stuttgart city centre. It has solved this problem with the new map city NT 2010 now largely.

So, the Kenwood DNX520VBT calculated a viable route to our destination after Stuttgart-Vaihingen, fell into his old penchant for roads only on the way back again. The overland system showed more reliable: here, the calculated routes were always of very good quality.

Who wants to start a savings campaign in response to the currently again massively rising gas prices, there is support for the Kenwood with the EcoRoute function. To listen for his driving style on economics, one specifies outside and known the type of fuel and the price and consumption levels.

On this basis, the navigation system calculates the results of so-called eco-challenge – this is a kind of fuel-efficiency motivator. The evaluation of the own driving can be in addition to TMC status also in the map view display. If it once again falls into the old Screamer method, speed indicator and Warner reminders of upcoming environmental sin.

At the end of the ride, the fuel costs incurred will appear. A really handy feature. It was however pointed out that the accuracy depends EcoRoute first and foremost by the claims.