Kate Moss Elegante

Kate Moss is the most elegant of the decade. Who says? The prestigious magazine Vogue US, which as always towards the end of each draws up its rankings, bound to cause controversy for the following weeks. The supermodel British, which seems more and more projected towards a career as a fashion designer, the woman turns out to be not only the most elegant of the year, but also of two thousand years. They look really gone are the days of the cocaine scandal, which seemed to have taken permanently ko!

The 2010 is about to end and the American edition of Vogue begins the waltz of the charts destined to the men and women best dressed of the year. At the end of the first decade of the new millennium, the magazine wanted to elect the most elegant of the decade. It is Kate Moss, the famous British supermodel who has also achieved success as a designer. The style director Alexandra Kotur said about: ” No other model or celebrity over the past decade has influenced the way women dress more than Kate Moss.” But that’s not all.

Vogue fact has compiled a real Best Dressed List, with all the best dressed celebrities and infulenti. Here it is below:

  • Best Dressed of the Decade – Kate Moss
  • The Bombshell -Blake Lively
  • Screen Siren –Marion Cotillard
  • The Independent –Michelle Obama
  • American Beauty –Jessica Biel
  • Street cool –Alexa Chung
  • Haute Bohemian –Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Konsiys Cheech -took Kebdae
  • Free Spirit –Carey Mulligan (Best Dressed del 2010 per Harper’s Bazaar)
  • New Classicist –Shala Monroque
  • The Visionary – Lady Gaga