Kappa WA407 and WA408 Waterproof Bags

While it may still marceando that are going on bike we need to protect our things, and for that, from Kappa presented us the new bags Kappa WA407 and WA408. Two new members of the family Dry Pack manufactured in Appeareance 500 d PVC sealed with high frequency (seamless) technology. The Tarpaulin is a highly resistant and durable material that offers a total impermeability. This also helps the closure of roll which, in addition, enables compacting the size of bags and adapt them to what we transport.

The Kappa WA407 bag It is intended to fit into the hollow bottom of any Scooter, utility thus giving that “dead” space. Its flat base and non-slip, as well as its coupling of two adjustable straps that hook to the pouch with a clip also enabled it as a luggage bag in the saddle/tail or luggage racks. With its 15 litres capacity make it a multifunctional option. The Kappa WA407 bag price is as cheap as 60 euros (see Ezinesports).

If what you want is to carry the luggage upon you, Kappa offers that option using the Kappa WA408 backpack 13 liters of capacity. Thus you can transport anything from sneakers to the burglar without installing a grill in the bike. This backpack has also with a Pocket waterproof to accommodate the mobile, the documentation or the portfolio. Them spacious bands of clamping and a strap to the height of the waist guarantee the cast of pesos, and an asa you will help to transport it when not are on the bike. The price of the Kappa WA408 backpack is 59 euros (VAT included).