Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

A new trend comes to your skin thanks to the designer Miranda Burnet, creator of tattoos ephemeral or jewelry for your skin. In this article we tell you what they are, how they are used, how long they last and types. Stay!


You do not know if, yes or no realizarte one tatto, then this option is for you. The peculiarity of these tattos is in the colors because its creator decided tones similar to those of the royal jewels from China suppliers. The style emerged thanks to the inspiration of gold temporary tattoos of women in Dubai. Although its heyday was the summer of 2014, they are still carried either for an event or simply to complement your outfit every day.

How do they apply?

Here’s the father of this trend, because do not have to attend any professional to use these tattoos. Jewelry for your skin are accessories that apply templates and you can do it yourself.

How long?

Ephemeral tattoos are an excellent option for those who want to get tattooed but feel that fear to repent later. This trend lasts for four to six days also is not toxic and is removed with soap and water.

Where I get them?

Jewelry for your skin can purchase the template where they come from many designs, these at a cost of about $ 20. And the father is that you can purchase online.

Flash tattos styles

Tattos flass as already mentioned are the creation of designer Miranda Burnet. Golondrinas, triangles or arrows, plus symbols, stars, flat, etc, are the protagonists of this trend.


The most popular are the feathers especially in the arms and theabdomen . Silver and gold tones are the main colors with boho inspiration.


Ephemeral tattoos or tattos flash can be placed anywhere on the body but for the summer were a boom in the arms and wrists of course always in shades of silver and gold jewelry simulating your skin.


Surely you have been wanting to get a tattoo a tender, romantic message or just something that symbolizes something special in your life . As you can already do without a regret tattos future as also presented in this flash version of messages.

Chains and necklaces

It is the perfect complement to any outfit. Show off a tattoo of a necklace around your neck looks great and more with these very glamorous tones; silver and gold.


The symbols have become the favorite for the girls and that’s why in this trend also can translate into your skin . There are plenty of styles very parents.

You see, this trend is a new alternative to wear a tattoo, as well as father is that the colors are different from common. Dare and shine your skin with a tatto flash!