Jewelry for the House

Heavenly of gift packages of the famous Tiffany & Co. luxury jewelry has become synonymous with elegance and timeless sophistication. The blue Tiffany’s what you call robin’s egg blue, and people have a great affinity with this color . That’s why we propose qusti objects, for dye-colored Tiffany your house and cheer as the spring. Let’s see them.

1) Bring jewelry

Each jewel becomes more important when stored in this lacquered box. Such a jewelry is available on cachedjewelry.

2) Coffee tea

Lovely in form and especially helpful during our daily breaks.

3) Bring candles

They are special terracotta supports and iron wall, suitable to be placed in the dining room and warmly illuminate the room during a dinner.

4) Roasting Pan

Perfect for pot roast and stews with this color, the pot becomes a piece of furniture for your kitchen. This pot can be purchased here.

5) Candles

Scented with French oak notes, verbena, lavender and Bulgarian, you will be tempted to light this candle for the whole day. When it will be consumed, you can reuse the stylish cans to contain jewelery or jewels. The candle is available on this website.

6) Glass

This vessel has been decorated by hand and can be used as an alternative centerpiece, yet sophisticated.

7) Food processors

A device that should never fail in our kitchens. This model is available here.

8) Towels

The elegant towels are perfect for your bathroom and you can pair them with a mat and bathrobe of the same color. Look here.