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Our site: Jennie Stenerhag, Falu CK, and Lucas Eriksson, Team Serneke Allebike CK, Cykelvasan won yesterday.

For the eighth year in a row was settled today Cykelvasan 90 between Sälen and Mora with 13,000 participants registered. New this year was that dame tiny started at 7:30 a.m., which was 45 minutes before the Lords, and had to settle for victory without butting with Mr. racers.

It was something that was appreciated by 41-year-old Jennie Stenerhag who took his third victory in Cykelvasan. She also won the 2015 and 2012. This year was the fight for victory with 18-year-old junior world champion and club-mate Ida J, Falu CK-Team Lapierre Sweden.
“When we went over Auklandbron so I turned over and saw that I had a gap. Then I thought that now it’s just go pedal to the metal. It was really nice to have enter the home stretch alone. Wonderful! Stenerhag said after the victory.

-A huge thanks to the Vasaloppet organization made this approach. It worked cleanly. I hope it continues like this now, Jennie continued.

It was formed early in a cluster of six skaters in the women’s class, where last year’s winner Stenerhag were joined by Ida J and Louise R, Felicia Fabregas, Nellie L and Åsa Erlandsson at the pass of Mångsbodarna.

Mountain Prize in evertsberg was taken home by Stenerhag who at the time had created a gap of seven seconds to J and nine to Fabregas after hard driving in motluten. Fourth grade L then was 21 seconds behind and the other had been released.

J won the Sprint Prize in Oxberg just before Stenerhag and it low Fabregas 14 seconds behind third place. In Stenerhag, the command had regained Hökberg and was six seconds ahead of J. Fabregas was here a minute behind third place.

At last check in Stenerhag Sprint Eldris won again, but now it was J right in the back.When the decision would take place in Mora Park just before the goal, however, not sufficient forces for the young J.
– Jennie was the strongest today and she deserved to win. She showed early in the race. Last mile, I was really tired. It was sick mightily to join to the bridge over there but then I totally stumnade. But I am still incredibly satisfied, summed up the Ida J.

The gentlemen
In the men’s class passed a giant cluster of Mångsbodarna at record pace with all the Favorites. In evertsberg took Emil Lindgren, Team Serneke Allebike CK, mountain Prize six seconds ahead of Niklas Gustavsson. A total of twelve cyclists passed here in 13 seconds.

In Lund bäcks slopes and in the ascent against the champion of the tempo was high and Oxberg Lucas Eriksson and team mate Emil Lindgren grilled field hard. To control and spurt Prize in Oxberg was five riders off with mountain bikes. Alexander Wetterhall took spurt before Emil Lindgren, Matthias W, Lucas Eriksson and Edvin Wilson.

The rest of the race was all about these five racers and in the spurt was 20-year-old talent and road cyclist from Borås, Lucas Eriksson, sharp and won just before Matthias W, Almby IK Team Bergslagen and last year’s winner Alexander Wetterhall, Team three mountains-Bianchi. Mimi Wilson, Tranemo CS, and Emil Lindgren was second after that four and five.
“I didn’t think I would win. I thought it was not after the finish line, either. But it was fun, “said the young Victor.

Runner-up Wade had the lead right before the goal when Eriksson snuck past.
“I’m too big. They get for good shelter behind the back of me before the Sprint, “said Matthias and sounded yet not too disappointed.

– On the slopes where Lucas ran on so burned it in the legs but I managed, after lugging myself with, continued W as in the eighth Cykelvasan took his fourth podium!

The one made for the victory of Lucas Eriksson was Emil Lindgren who pulled up to 250 meters left. It was also the Lindgren and Eriksson pulled hard early in the race and got down the peloton to only five.
– Clearly you want to win, but we are a team and we need more road light to win this kind of spurt. My strength is on the slopes, the fifth grade Lindgren also lined up fine placements in Cykelvasan through the years.

In total throughout the weekend has Cykelvasans different races attracted 22,000 notified, which is a new record. Registration for Cykelvasan 2017 open Sunday, september 18, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. CET on

Cykelvasan, racing class 94 km Sälen-Mora, ladies, 2016-08-13
1 Jennie Stenerhag, (SWE) Falu CK, 03.07.49
2 Ida Jansson (SWE) Falu CK/Team Lapierr …, 03.08.04
3 Felicia Fabregas, (SWE) Borlänge CK, 03.08.48
4 Nellie Larsson (SWE) CKX, 03.11.29
5 Angelica edvardsson, (SWE) Cykloteket Racing Team, 03.17.10
6 Louise R, (SWE) Värnamo CK/Paddy Cycl …, 03.17.11
7 Åsa Erlandsson (SWE) Haibike, Varbergs OUR SITE/03.17.13
8, Erika Jepson (Eng) Ckx, 03.17.18
9 Johanna Sömskar, (Eng) Admitor, 03.18.25
10 Fanny Kjellqvist, (SWE) godegård SK cycle, 03.18.26

Cykelvasan, racing class 94 km Sälen-Mora, gentlemen, 2016-08-13
1 Lucas Eriksson (SWE) Serneke Allebike, 02.40.04
2 Matthias W, (Eng) Almby IK/Team Bergsl …, 02.40.04
3, Alexander Wetterhall (SWE) Team three mountains-BIANCH…, 02.40.04
4 Edwin Wilson, (SWE) Tranemo CS, 02.40.05
5 Emil Lindgren (SWE) Serneke Allebike, 02.40.05
6 Calle Friberg (SWE) Järfälla CK/Team Scott …, 02.41.46
7 Fredrik Haraldseth, (NOR) Hard Rock AB AX bu SWI …, 02.41.46
8 Alexander Vincent Blomqvist (SWE) Serneke Allebike, 02.41.46
9 Claudia Mehl, (NOR) Sepura Toyota racing w …, 02.41.46
10 Jocke B, (SWE) Motala Aif Cycle, 02.41.46