Is It Important to Choose Right Sports Clothing?

Sport is not only well run movements, but also hydrate and bring a comfortable and adequate to the practice we do.

Often do not use proper sportswear, material or slippers in poor condition may cause us friction, blisters or even injuries that can be avoided in a very simple way.

Are you using the sportswear suitable for your physical activity?

  • Underwear is one of the most important and is advisable and necessary to use sports bra without hoops full wide to have a secure support and many seams.
  • Socks better we are going are the cotton because with them we will avoid Groove cutters and limit a little sweat.
  • Regarding the shirts and pants fabrics have evolved a lot and the Lycra and polyester are most used items are items that emit less heat and increase breathability, especially for the cardio-related activities. In fitness-related sports, shirts must not be extremely clingy to avoid the feeling of moisture in the body and thus facilitate the evacuation of sweat. A good example of these can be the fitness of female and male short sleeve shirts.

According to polyhobbies, in other modalities such as cycling or swimming thing are very tight tissues to favor speed. A good example would be the swimming competition Jersey.

For more aerobic activities such as dance classes aimed at carrying a pace half but long on time, the most recommended are wide shirts and trousers, with wide sleeves to help as well to the movement of these.

Last, but not least, hydration is fundamental in any physical activity we undertake since our body loses too much water in the form of sweat when we do sport, so always carries around a bottle of water.

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