Irina Shayk Makes Clear Her Pregnancy

The rumours were very present, and a few days ago, when Irina Shayk came to Spain to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Intimissimi, the Russian top posed with a very broad black dress. Speculation grew. But tonight, we can now confirm their advanced state of gestation: the Russian model has made it clear its pregnancy in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Irina Shayk He has participated with lencero sets combined with garments that tried to hide her pregnancy, such as the trench coat or jacket jewel red Rhinestones, but with certain movements has been inevitable to see your tummy. In addition, the physical change of the model is evident. Check for maternity swimwear.

With these images is of course that the top is pregnant with her first son (approximately five months), so in a few months we will know the offspring of the model and Bradley Cooper. With a few so handsome dads, you sure the child get you monisim @.