iPod Docking Station Vita Audio R4i

From the first note, the iPod docking station Vita audio R4i (900 euros) announced that their developers understand their job.

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Devices by Ruark from Essex, England, the are in you made have a good name with monitors, AUDIO is wiser. If they devote themselves to iPod to the and with B & W found a top distributor in Germany, more so. After first look is clearly, by the way, that a conflict of interest in selling is not to fear: the R4i from VitaAudio speaks but significantly different customer groups as the two zeppelins by B & W.

The VitaAudio is equipped with a tuner, USB input and CD drive – a 2.1 System in the form of a classic kitchen radio, and should appeal to those customers who took up far more Italian beauties brand Tivoli. In processing quality British in China by the band is neck and neck with Bestsellers from Italy: the finish of the R4i works in its glossy piano black look nearly perfect. Nice gimmick and in the eight-kilogram system is the remote control: sunk In sleep mode on the top in the housing, which can be taken out and it reminds the steering control of a remote controlled car with their huge volume wheel. Unfortunately, the fancy steering wheel in his functions on right off the bat can be understood, it takes a while until you literally have the right knack.

Fat sound

However, a facility for 900 euros – and, as such, the jewelry box wants to be taken seriously should sound especially good. She conjured up an amazingly detailed sound stage in the listening room. And no matter whether loud or quiet: always black beauty developed a dynamic that you would trust to a compact system (they exist also in white or walnut veneer).

In comparison with the similar expensive Geneva L (AUDIO 2/07, 90Punkte) could the British depict the stereo stage more precisely, while the Geneva deeper in the cellar of the frequency rose and still print full pushed the bass in the room. Nevertheless, a perfect debut has managed the British. As regards such important audiophile criteria such as natural voice reproduction, as is the VitaAudio with right up front. Predicate: a dock for epicures.

Vita audio R4i

Manufacturer Vita audio
Price €900.00
Rating 85.0 points
Test procedure 1.0




Technical data and test results

Dimensions (BreiteHöheTiefe) 45.0 x 14,5 x 25,5 cm
Softened 8.0 kg
Facilities /.
Battery / battery /
Number of stations / radio / 0
Alarm clock
Remote control / display /
Klangregeler 3D, loudness
Output video / quality video output / –
Special features CD player
Input RCA / Jack /
Input of digital optical / coax /
Output RCA
Output of digital coax / optical digital /
Output subwoofer
Input / output video /
S-video input / output S-video /
Network / USB / Yes
Operating modes
Recharging of the iPod
Controller of the iPod menu. partial
Operation on the device
Syncing your iPod in the dock possible
Game time battery
Test results
Very natural sound, many power reserves and perfect processing.
Habituation need remote control.
Sound 85
Operation Very good
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment Top 85
tested in issue: – / –