iPod Docking Station Edifier Esiena If360

If the music from the iPod, from the built-in drive, or via USB-stick came: the Edifier Esiena if360 (350 euros) sounded powerful and sovereign

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The Edifier comes from a manufacturer from Beijing since the mid of the nineties devices in-house developed and distributes on the domestic market. But now the Chinese make up to fill the rest of the world with their products. The name of excellently processed Esiena if360 recalls it sure purely random discreetly that the Ferrari vendors from Maranello.

Outside the Edifier qualified position of its price range anyway for the pole. The housing of the sounding Jack of all tradesreflected peppered s lovingly with lots of little details – stable and high quality plastic housing is also processed. Via the touch be Control Panel on the top of the unit the Esiena can be easily controlled.


Unfortunately FM tuner, the AUX input and video output landed next to the antenna connection for the built-in USB port and SD card slot on the back of the Edifier, which makes it difficult dealing with the external mass storage devices like to use something.

There were like with the processing and equipment at the if360 even expose little. If the music from the iPod, from the built-in drive, or via USB-stick came: the Edifier sounded powerfully and confidently, only with small discrepancies in the

Middle range. Thanks to wider stage and ordinary power reserves played almost at the level of the Geneva S (AUDIO 1/10, 75 points). Although the figure is fully convinced, Esiena if360 had beaten yet the model S: the Geneva played more freely and more dynamic – just a tad bit more.

Edifier Esiena IF360

Manufacturer Edifier
Price €350.00
Rating 70.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (BreiteHöheTiefe) 39.0 x 14.5 x 23.7 cm
Softened 4.7 kg
Facilities /.
Battery / battery /
Number of stations / radio / 0
Alarm clock
Remote control / display /
Klangregeler Bass and treble control
Output video / quality video output / well
Special features CD player, SD card slot on the back
Input RCA / Jack /
Input of digital optical / coax /
Output RCA
Output of digital coax / optical digital /
Output subwoofer
Input / output video /
S-video input / output S-video /
Network / USB / Yes
Operating modes
Recharging of the iPod
Controller of the iPod menu. partial
Operation on the device
Syncing your iPod in the dock possible
Game time battery –
Test results
Great facilities, wide stage figure with much power reserves, easy operation
Slight discolouration in the midrange area
Sound 70
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment Upper class 70
tested in issue: 5 / 10