iPhone 7 Camera Dual Lens Ready – With Manufacturer Overwhelmed?

HTC and Huawei equip their premium smartphones already for quite some time with dual cameras of ALTEK supplier. According to GforGames Xiaru will have caused now Wen, the CEO of this camera manufacturer, for a surprise: according to him, also Apple technology – and that work even for at least three years. Since apparently still not all hurdles are overcome, the usage seems possible only in the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Camera Dual Lens Ready - With Manufacturer Overwhelmed

As the Altek CEO is quoted by the business weekly Taiwan, Apple should have done already very great progress in the development of the camera system. Just like some other manufacturers, Apple should have had a problem with blurry images. Cause you got this by man simply took over the camera specialists LinX for 20 million dollars in April. Now, the dual lens camera is but completed and Apple should have designed even more special applications.

Mass Production Of The Camera For The iPhone 7 Feasible?

Constitutes a problem but still the mass production: Apple’s suppliers were so far apparently not able to produce sufficient quantities of the new dual lens camera system in a short time. A usage should be therefore excluded in the iPhone 6 s. Also it seems that Apple have already provided a regular 12-MP camera which appears in the September device.

Until the release of iPhone 7 could and should be the mass production of the new camera be optimized however sufficient. There are also first signs: Largan is Apple’s main supplier for iPhone camera lenses- and Linen Ping, the CEO of the company, recently made an interesting announcement at a press conference. According to him, Largan namely diligently work to double its production capacity. Although he named no exact reason for it, but could be behind the production of Apple’s new iPhone 7 camera.