iPhone 6s: 800 Engineers At Apple Take Care Only That A Component

3D touch was, without a doubt, the biggest innovation in the new generation of the iPhone. But apparently so much is given attention in the development of hardly any other part of the iPhone as the camera.

This at least explains Graham Townsend, Senior Director for camera hardware, in conversation with the U.S. show “60 minutes”. This large number of skilled workers is not an exaggeration: so the iSight camera consists of 200 individual components. “To take a picture, 24 billion processes running”, so Graham against US-talker Charlie Rose. The image stabilization and focusing everyone be housed under another four wafer-thin wires, only half as much as a human hair, to avoid blurry.

iPhone 6s 800 Engineers At Apple Take Care Only That A Component

Thus, Apple takes into account that the iPhone according to Flickr is the most popular camera for years the fact. This year, the Group has a global campaign also launched shows motifs that were shot with the Smartphone.

In Conversation With Tim Cook

In the detailed report, the Viewer is also an insight into Apple’s testing lab for iPhone cameras. The engineers have the ability to simulate a wide range of lighting conditions – of deepest night until Sunrise there. Based on the collected data, the software can calibrate accordingly. Thus, the camera is unquestionably one of the most complex components in the iPhone.

“60 minutes” also talked CEO Tim Cook about his coming out, the criticism of the Group and the production in the far East.