iPhone 5 C-Not So Cheap as Expected

Apple introduced yesterday their “cheap” phone, which, however, was not quite as cheap as expected.

Before Apple’s event yesterday evening Danish time, there have been many rumors about the new iPhones. About “top model”, iPhone 5S, so really it is mostly as expected. While the “cheap” iPhone 5 c is not quite as cheap as most expected.

iPhone 5 c is, in short, an iPhone 5 that is packed into a cheaper material – for polycarbonate (plastic).

Apple probably also hope that the operators will provide reimbursement for the around the world. The price of the iPhone 5 c in Denmark, is expected to be around 3,699 dollars without subscription version with 16 GB of memory – perhaps even right down to 2,999 crowns, if there is a little “price war”. These prices are, however, not yet confirmed by Apple.

Several American media is therefore also started to speculate on whether it is Apple’s attempt to “recreate” the iPhone, by now to do it in a variety of colors. The comparable among others by our site with Moto X from Motorola. Moto X comes across 18 different color variations, and with better specifications for roughly the same price.

Apple iPhone 5 c on the market in the United States, among others, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and China already Friday, 20. September, while those in Denmark probably will only be available on 18.October.