iOS 8: The New Apple Operating System

Apple iOS Has 8 Presents for the First Time to the Public

iOS 8: Apple has that worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) its new operating system iOS 8 introduced. With iOS 8 has further improved the cross-device functionality Apple because Apple users can access their data with the new operating system in the future much easier. The only disadvantage of the new operating system iOS 8: iOS operating system 8 works well only in the newer iPhone models from iPhone 4S.

With the new operating system iOS 8 much easier going for Apple customers. So clearly improved the communication possibilities for iOS 8: texts, photos and videos can be by the user now with one wipe with others sharing. The management was simplified group messages. And easier 8 is also writing messages with iOS: the new Word detection QuickType remembers namely the words and phrases, that the message writer prefer type used and considered it also, who is just written-the message to Grandma the suggested phrases are so other than when the message to the best mate. Using iCloud Apple customers will have easier access to photos and videos from anywhere, also to be possible to change during activities between different devices. If you want, can the operating system iOS 8 with the new app for health and fitness data bundle its all info from his other Gesundheitsapps. Also the new family sharing feature, which is one of the operating system iOS is clever 8 offers: it allows up to six persons of a family the mutual access to shared data. Also can the parents with the new Apple operating system iOS 8 locate their children and check their shopping online make it.

iOS 8 Only for iPhones from Model 4S

However, all who have an iPhone 4 or even an even older model, will not benefit most iOS 8 and its possibilities of the new operating system, because the software iOS 8, which is expected to provide Apple in autumn its customer to download only works in Apple devices from the iPhone 4S.

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