Involuntary Loss of Urine during Pregnancy

From the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy is not surprising that small occur involuntary loss of urine due to hormonal changes, our weight gain and that the baby has already acquired a considerable size and causes pressure on the bladder.

These losses are usually happen above all by a sneeze or a full laugh, but there is no major problem, just go protected. Urinary incontinence usually disappears after the birth of the baby, about month and a half after giving birth.

Experts so express it, there is no way to fight it during pregnancy, only have to resort to your inquiry if six weeks after childbirth still suffer urinary incontinence.
What is collaborate on these urine leakage to happen as little as possible, for this will be positive to go service to urinate frequently, at least every two hours, even when few wanted to have pregnant trousers.

They also recommended exercise of voluntary contraction, the best time when you are urinating, stopping urination five seconds and restoring it again.

Avoid the intake of caffeine, spicy and gaseous that irritate the bladder, using special incontinence towels that prevent infections, ask the health specialist massages which can give us to strengthen the area and, of course, do exercises and aggressive activities.

If you are pregnant and have involuntary urine leakage, do not worry, that it is likely to disappear in time, simply follow the recommendations of your doctor.