Instant Articles Also Become a Facebook Messenger

With the Facebook Instant Articles there are no half-measures: love them or hate them, but it is clear that they have come to stay. In fact, if you are reading this text on your mobile it is quite likely that you’re doing it from one.

The Facebook Instant Articles are a function of Facebook that extracts the contents of a web page and displays it with his own, more simple Viewer and pretty fast to open the page completely. For users, the advantage is clear: you can browse an article shared on Facebook faster.

So far the Instant Articles were available only in the main Facebook application for Mobile Android and iOS, but Facebook has just announced that its use will be extended also to your messaging Facebook Messenger application.

This support It is already turning to Android users, to those who will follow later those who use the application on iOS. Don’t need to do anything further, except share links with your friends through Messenger normally. If that article has an “Instant Article” version (such as ours), an icon warns as usual that opens the article quickly.

It is undeniable that Instant Articles represent a great advantage for users, with a charging time up to ten times faster that opening a normal page, although there are no detractors. With this function, will close the fence in such a way that it is quite difficult to go to the actual page of the article for, for example, leave a comment or share it on other social networks that are not Facebook.