Inspirations of Nails for Christmas!

As usual, every woman in the time to assemble a look for a “common” gets desperate huh? The wardrobe is always full, but we never get undressed and when we have the clothes don’t have the shoe or purse or accessories, what to say so of special times like Christmas? We lost! But Between Divas are here to solve your problems and show the path to mount a look wonderful and raze the holidays without forgetting any details!

Nails for Christmas

Well, we will continue so “the saga for Christmas part II-nails”, will be pretty quick since on this subject doesn’t have much to say and Yes show, then exemplify through pictures, some tips for all styles.

It’s been a long time since the simple fact of painting her nails a darker color was the most innovative thing of all time (because it used to be that dark colors were used only by women Rycas and Phynas!), the nail Polish industry and derivatives metallic glazes pitching enough innovated 3D, with glitter, “plush”, caviar, stickers for nails … and they can’t let the nails grow, were released the gel nails, fake glass painted and decorated and most have a million tricks to have beautiful nails, well made and most practical way.

For most women, who do not like much to dare the nails are some gorgeous and that no modelinhos let you even a little less diva, quite the contrary, since what matters is being with your nails beautiful and well made, regardless of color or style.

I’m not a big fan of HYPER nails decorated with flowers, and enormous rhinestone designs in all the fake nails featured by bridgat, I like a more delicate decoration and in just a few nails, but for those that really like to call attention to the smallest details, including the nails, here are some inspirations!

Have the Eric Dane OK 25 now as I do like different nails, but with some moderation, are there some modelinhos beautiful to die!

We all know that red reigns at Christmas, so I chose the gold, coral and red to show you how to make a nail decoration easy, rapid and democratic since you can choose the colors you want and have in their Briefcase of glazes, as well as being super practice, since if you miss will not have tattoo problem. I used the Gold Noble Chrome IMPALA, COLORAMA Coral chic and the kiss of RISQUÉ.

Choose 2 or 3 colors of Nail Polish following the idea of a gradient (for example a baby pink and a pink), get a new kitchen (sponge!) and cut a little bit.

Step 1: Clean and pass the base on your nail.

Step 2: Take the lighter color (in my case the golden) spend a little at the tip of the sponge, wipe off excess glaze on a piece of paper and apply the nail giving Pat leaving the part near the cuticle without paint.

Step 3: Apply over the glaze “middle ground” (Coral) the same way as the first step, leaving a piece of lighter color.

Step 4: Then take the darker glaze, rub some on the tip of the sponge, remove the excess paper, and apply the nail giving Pat leaving the enamel lighter appearing below. If you are using only 2 colors let the second layer clearer, and at last pass a little more layer of enamel on the sponge to be darker.

Step 5: If you like, pass over glitter, wipe off any excess and finish with a top coat. Tcharammm, are you ready your toenail. And there like?