Innovative Android Tablets

The giant News Corporation has recently assigned to his education a new name: Amplify. With this brand will soon be available a tablet designed exclusively for the educational market.

After months of testing it seems that the first tablet Amplify, an Android device with a display of 10″, is ready for his debut.

The image above shows how the strength of this system is a fully customized interface and of course applications created specifically for the area where the product is intended. The default “home screen” shows up divided into two, the right side a list of subjects, left instead.

Amplify aims to be not only a tool but a real platform capable of managing the school of the 21 century, this means not only integrating social features but also become a real e-learning application where the teachers will be able to publish the lessons within a section called Playlists that can integrate school books and videos as well as information available on the Internet.

Probably the biggest hindrance, at least according to colleagues at Engadget from which we obtain the news continues to be the price. The Wi-Fi version of the tablet will cost $300 a piece, which we must add $99 per year for a subscription to Amplify services.

If you want to know more you can read the promotional video or view the photo gallery which you can find below.