Indian Summer Clothing

How to dress for Indian summer? Unless you go on a cruise or to live in the promised land of the Sun, is not the nirvana of the temperatures that we would like us to believe.

Cold mornings and warm afternoons. It could be the title of a new Harlequin novel. But no. One third of the french are trying to spit their lungs every five minutes or play that will make the biggest mountain of used Kleenex (a little to contaminate these dogs of healthy people too, let’s face it). And of course, it’s all the fault of the bipolar weather in September. It’s called Indian summer it seems, it’s more glamorous. I’ll show you the Indian summer. It’s a week that I’m the voice of Jeanne Moreau and I sniffed drip. Changes in temperature past the lunch bar have what something crazy you an agency already plagued by the disease. Need vicodin. And more tissue. About the clothes, you put a layer, then two. Or even three. The wise  know, the p’ little chilly morning wind can sign your death warrant. Then at noon, you’re starting to feel the effects of the menopause prematurely. You skin your onion of clothes and come to tell you anyway, it would be nice if everyone adopted the social convention of wearing underwear, and nothing of underwear. In the meantime, it is still not the case. So let’s be sneaky.

Morning combo jacket + scarf

As a half-season jacket, the choice is vast. Don’t have to grant it with her scarf or a thin scarf. Associations that work:-perfecto + scarf animal (leopard, Zebra, or python)-cardigan + snood (scarf tube, most of the time in fake fur or mesh)-jean jacket + scarf to peas, star or metallic – season colors that work well together: black + white, brick + Navy Blue, off white + gold

In the afternoon, summer dress you can draw

All the dresses in mesh of winter make you eye on gantries but given the week looming you can recycle and still enjoy your summer dresses. If you want to be fitting with your accessories of fall, perhaps avoids the color-block dresses or totally white-unless you live somewhere that explodes again 26 degrees to the meter. For others, on your print and slightly vaporous dresses always bet trends at the beginning of the year. Or on the mix shorts + blouse also nice with a pair of boots.