Incredible Facebook Statistics in 2010

The Facebook has grown tremendously in recent years. Managed 500 million users and became the nation’s most accessed site. But the network had not yet revealed more exact details of the behavior of its members. At least so far. According to data published on the website of Democracy UK, a kind of political group started by the social network, in just 20 minutes on Facebook are shared 1 million links.
At the same time, just over 1.3 million people are in tagueadas photos, 1.4 million of event invitations are sent, 1.5 million murals receive new posts, 1.8 million profiles receive update status and more than 1.9 million of friends requests are accepted. The network also has other 2.7 million photos, 10.2 million comments and 4.6 million messages sent every 20 minutes is no small thing not.

In addition the group also revealed that in 2010 more than 43 million of its users changed their relationship status to ‘single (a)’, another 28 million changed to ‘in a relationship’ and 3 million users have switched to ‘complicated’. In the matrimonial field, almost 6 million users marked their status as ‘engagement’ and another 36 million marked as ‘married’.

You’re crazy for numbers and want to see the exact data and not rounding? They are available at this link.