Importance of Purse

Catmania, got together with their customers and followers of Twitter, a peek inside their handbags, and we found out all they carry essential items for your day-to-day, and even their personal secrets. What woman can leave the House without a purse?

“The more, the better.”

Valentina Venturi, 29 years old, accountant

The blonde of Santa Catarina do juz to your profession and is not far from the side or the calculator. “I Never take my documents, mobile phones, thumb drive, pen, notebook, money, currency, tampons, lipstick, perfume, some emergency pharmaceuticals, mirror, toothbrush, cell phone charger, plus special features like: a small Bible, a multipurpose knife, calculator, personal cards, among others. I’m always right “equipped” to any emergency and I don’t regret it.”

“Hair always impeccable”


Tatiana Navarro de Almeida, 28 years, hairdresser

What you can’t miss in the handbag of the Tati, like a good hairdresser is a flat iron, she says “I always bring a toiletry bag with some tablets if appears that headache at the end of the day, I take my makeup, also usually take my credit cards (don’t leave home without them), take a hairbrush and a Board to be always beautiful If you could it would take more things. I know one thing I don’t leave home without it, because what makes a woman is your bag “.


Aline Cruz, 20 years old, student of advertising

Aline ensures that never forgets your bottle of water, she considers it essential, “also remain out of my wallet, my glasses, hair clip, notebook, pencil case with various pens, lipstick, lip gloss, comb, house keys, cell phone, and the glaze that I possess the nails to be touching up if peel”, that is a precaution huh Aline?!

“The collector”

Iruska Nogueira, 24 years, physiotherapist

Iruska is elegant even in name, the beautiful brunette is super conceited and loves buying handbags that match perfectly with your collection of Melissas. “Always take with me earrings (if you forget to put, when leaving late somewhere), eye liner, nail file, pen, eye drops (lenses), toothbrush and toothpaste, wallet with documents and money, hair clip, umbrella (when I think it might rain), sunglasses, digital camera (to record times), mobile phone and the most important thing: credit card.”

And you which leads in your purse? What are your inseparable items? Comment