ICS Update for ASUS Transformer TF101

As some owners of the first generation of Transformer will know, ASUS hastemporarily stopped the FOTA update to Android 4. or Ice Cream Sandwich due to some problems (serious) reported by some unfortunate users. Maybe you missed our guide to manually install update but the fact is that some of you (who did not in fact received the update) will have chosen a wait policy rather than expose themselves to the risk of unexpected problems and headaches.

The fact is that eventually the ASUS, and in our case the Italian Division, has finally updated its customers regarding the above update, indicating a date (likely) for the new upgrade deployment.

An update on the update. As you know the debut of ICS on the Pad 101 was not exactly “painless”. Many users found themselves well enjoying the novelty and the responsiveness of the new operating system. Others, however, have experienced problems of various kinds, some of them quite serious (like crash and spontaneous restarts) can affect normal operation. For this reason and to investigate the matter further we decided–as some of you already noticed–to suspend distribution via FOTA update In its place will come a new update, that will solve all problems found so far. The release date is scheduled for March 13 in new update signed, according to areacodesexplorer. Be aware though that if further problems arise in testing to solve the date could slip further. As always, our priority is to provide a stable and functional product. Thank you for your patience!

ASUS Italy staff

The problem that will arise from this delay will further delay (forgive the repetition) to upgrade to the 3 g version TF101 ICS. Asus has always pursued a policy very serious (and usually punctual) concerning updates for their devices so don’t despair: it’s best to wait a few more weeks that end up with a system unstable.