ICQ 7 is Released. Yes, It Still Exists

Easy figure in memes nostalgic about the early days of the Internet, ICQ can not enjoy the popularity of other times, but at least seems to be alive and well. So much so that its newest version, which serves only ICQ name 7 (any coincidence with Windows 7 here?) Has just been launched, with a number of new features.

In addition to communicating with the contacts in your own network (and with AOL Instant Messenger, which in practice does not count), the program became more “sociable” and also allows its user to use it to make your updates on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Flickr, and rely on their own (and very old) register profiles that were often social networking for over 10 years without anyone noticing.

The download for your version of Windows is 11.5 MB and the program is fast and working very well. The only – unzinho only – problem is that for years nobody on my list should be online. Almost an online re-enactment of the series The world no one, the History Channel.

Those who take risks to do a test drive, you can download the official website of the program (uia, they have website!).