Hydration of the Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special moment for a couple, especially for the woman, during 9 months your body will suffer many changes, the belly grows, the hormones go on leaps and in addition problems such as pimples and stretch marks may arise, at this stage so important of your life is very important that the pregnant woman takes care of your skin, moisturizing it daily.

Hydration of the Body During Pregnancy

The hormonal changes cause general dehydration of the skin, and may arise the unsightly stretch marks, these are caused because there is an excessive enlargement of the skin. Stretch marks can arise in all parts of the body, but their highest incidence occurs in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, the hip and the breasts.

How to keep skin moisturized during pregnancy

You should drink plenty of water to avoid fluid retention and heavy legs, feet, ankles, and swollen wrists.

You should control your weight during pregnancy after pregnancy. You should gain 9-12 kg during pregnancy.

It should make a balanced and healthy diet. You should give preference to the ingestion of white meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products.

Tobacco and alcohol are prohibited.

You should wear elastic stockings and avoid standing for too long.

Always use sunscreen.

Another somewhat troublesome aspect during pregnancy is hair loss, these should receive special care like moisturizing.

Homemade moisturizer recipe for pregnant women

During pregnancy it is important to moisturize the skin and hair very well, the pregnant woman should use products as natural as possible, avoiding chemicals that can be harmful.


  • ointment Hipoglós (that for baby roasting)
  • almond oil
  • simple moisturizer


Mix all ingredients well in a pot, the pot should have a lid to keep it closed.

Apply this cream twice a day, applying in the most problematic areas.