Huawei: New Battery Charging Faster Than Fast

Huawei has just established itself as the fixed number three of the largest smartphone manufacturers and is already working at every corner to maintain this position. From the display to the update policy to new Android versions, to in-house processors, which are to be feared by Qualcomm and Samsung, the manufacturer from China does not leave a division. Now it is the battery, which gets a general overhaul. Huawei recently introduced a new battery in Japan, whose fast-charging function should be even better than before. Even after five minutes it should be charged 50 percent. Huawei said that nothing would be lost from the total capacity of the battery.

When The Battery Is Charging

We know it all: we want to go to a party or to another event and have to go in a few minutes. But the battery does not play with. At just 5 percent, he stands. We would like to snap so many pictures.The quick-charging function is a real blessing. In short, the smartphone is plugged in and after a few minutes, the battery is again charged to 50 percent. Whether half-full or half-empty, pessimists and optimists at this point will probably not care. After all, a smartphone loaded in just five minutes is simply impressive and practical.

Huawei Demonstrates Battery From Watt Lab

Huawei released two videos at the industry conference in Japan, where the new battery was introduced. The basic design of the rechargeable battery is well-known: lithium-ions are the proven choice when it comes to high-capacity batteries. What is new, however, is the special sheathing of the graphite anode, which is designed to conduct the current much faster and more efficiently. The longevity of the battery should not suffer from the even faster charging. This new battery concept was developed by the Huawei subsidiary Watt Lab, which is mainly responsible for development and research.

A current smartphone battery has a capacity of about 3,000 mAh. We see this in the first video of Huawei. It stands at 48 percent after four minutes thanks to its fast-charging function . For comparison, a smaller battery of 600 mAh is charged within two minutes to a whole 68 percent. As Huawei himself tells, both batteries were subjected to several test passes. It should be proven that also frequent fast charging of the smartphones has no influence on the performance of the batteries.

Even Minor Restrictions

As impressive as this technology is, it is unfortunately not yet ready for use in smartphones. Because so far, the new battery still needs a special charger, which should be a little too big for private, everyday use. Until the perfect interplay between battery and charger really works, we must be still a little bit patience.

But also in other places is already diligently worked to develop new accumulators with extremely fast loading times. At the university in Stanford is currently being researched on a rechargeable battery, which should be fully loaded after one minute. So far, the experiments were still taking place in a smaller framework, which is probably not yet sufficient for a smartphone. Nevertheless, we can certainly look forward to new smartphone batteries in the next few years, which are again full of energy after a very short time.