HTC Will Debut in Its M7 Sensor Based on Ultrapixels, or Three-Layer Sensors

In the competition to see who makes the best smartphone, if there is a point where all its brands give their best technology, that is without doubt the photographic section. HTC already showed it last year with its HTC One X and this year comes with wanting more.

And it is that while everyone seems to want to hop on the fantastic 13 megapixels Sony, HTC backlit sensors you would opt in its M7 for a somewhat less conventional matrix, formed by what has been called Ultrapixels.

The trick is in overlay in three-layer sensors 4.3 megapixels, each running on one color channel different, according to Pocket-Lint. This, of course, would not result in a final image of 3 x 4.3 = 12.9 megapixels, since what we really have is each pixel with 3 sub-pixels in depth.

The difference would be that would be a better definition in the color, because each pixel absorbs light in a fairly large area, resulting in sharper colors and a final resolution – in size – lower, but higher quality and better performance in low light conditions.

In the end, this new Word of ‘Ultrapíxels’, would be a way to sell to the end user 4.3 sensors megapixels to him the perception of a lower quality camera, but with more advanced technology.

This new feature, confirm, do not hesitate even for a second that HTC will use it as a main feature in your phone, which will be presented the February 19 in New York If everything continues as planned.