HTC Click on Video

Update, the author of the original video has decided to make it private, for this is not available, Juan.Ignacio has found a second copy and it leaves us in comments, it has worse quality, but it is valid to check and complete the publication, so you update with the same, including also a gallery of good quality.

We all have in mind the Android terminals that are creating more excitement in the market as the HTC Hero, Magic or Samsung Galaxy, but has not yet reached the market an affordable device with Google’s operating system, the first to appear is presumed to be the HTC Click.

We have seen the HTC Click on images, noting a more simple than previous models, but not less functional design, now can see it in operation in the video which starts the publication, and the interesting thing is that We see him compared to a HTC Magic.

With respect to the dictionary we find that it is a little more width and thickness, but less long enough, it is significantly smaller is touch screen, below the 3-inch.

In addition also can see the change of the trackball found in Magic and Hero by a directional pad of generous dimensions. Interesting to see that the device is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack connector.

We are not sure of the rest of the specifications, but seeing that it does not present the Sense interface, it can make us think that it does not have a very powerful hardware, in the video we can see that the firmware version that loads is Donut.

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