HTC Bravo and a Bad Picture with Much Juice

If there was a terminal that created excitement in the filtration of the HTC 2010 roadmap, that was undoubtedly the HTC Bravo, reasons not missing, it’s a sort of twin brother of the Nexus One. We had gone a while without talking about it, partly because of the presence media of the Google phone, but today we have an image to which you can get much party.

The maximum that we could have seen the HTC Bravo was an image that recreate its appearance, but we have in this article is the terminal as is. The first thing that draws attention is the absence of trackball, replaced by the expected optical trackpad, with looks rather different to what we have seen in other solutions (BlackBerry).

Another detail which seems interesting to comment on is the presence of physical buttons to create the typical pendant of terminals Android, a detail that is criticized by some in the Nexus One, and here you will find solved.

Not a word about the rest of your specifications, but are presumed will be identical to the Nexus One (maybe has less RAM). What if we can see the juicy image (despite the quality) is a very important and expected detail: the HTC Sense interface.

Other details from the point of view software that we can read in the source of the news are the Multitouch possibilities the phone, and the presence of the version 2.1 Android.

Entering rumors are able to share the news that came out a few days ago that reported that the phone will be March in Sweden and United Kingdom, curiously at the same time as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10.