HTC 7 Mozart in the Test

Why the 520 euro HTC 7 fun Mozart and can meet the expectations, but not quite.

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Deutsche Telekom offers exclusively for 520 euros the HTC 7 Mozart, correspondingly high are the expectations. But a new operating system carries the risk that cuts must be made in the one or the other feature of course. That was number 1, which lagged behind in the connect-laboratory test behind the claims stirred by the joy of the operation when the first iPhone and Android Smartphone.

Endurance under the magnifying glass

A point that is difficult to evaluate in practice, is the perseverance. If the HTC 7 Mozart earlier in the day after mains power as a competitor’s product, so it can be either bad stamina or the harsher usage caused by the attraction of the new.

After the performance in the laboratory, it is clear that the first impression of low maturity has also objective reasons. Completely right go the talk time of the HTC 7 Mozart over six hours in the two GSM networks as well as almost three and a half hours in the UMTS network. Well, also above average dedicated users should deal with such values.

During the conversation the display is switched off via a sensor that detects the Middle head, however. In operation with the display the time on the HTC 7 Mozart goes part in the basement: after less than four hours in the typical application mix from telephoning, reading, writing and surfing is a new charge due. That is only satisfactory.

HTC has something too small sized battery in favour of good handling at the Mozart, the Samsung Omnia 7 with larger battery performs significantly better.

And new devices with improved versions of the operating system can inspire even the paragraph. Microsoft has even admitted in the quest for top quality in operation and delivered features on many itself desirable details to have waived, which have still not been satisfactorily resolved.

After all, is a powerful update mechanism for Windows phone 7. Many requirements ensure that a new version must be adapted individually to each manufacturer’s models – that was previously the stumbling block on Windows Mobile.

Buyers of current generation of devices can so look forward to future software features such as copy and paste. She will have on a memory card slot. Microsoft has seen the above yet, so he is not integrated 7 Mozart also in the HTC.

That might matter for many smartphone users, finally the built-in Flash memory is at least 8 gigabytes, that HTC 7 Mozart by Telekom comes even whopping 16 according to specifications. But also not sufficient for a music collection with 5000 songs.

Auchder simple file import suffers: for transferring media data Zune software on the computer must be played on. Other files come either via Exchange Server, SharePoint, from the SkyDrive of service of Windows Live or simply by E-Mail on the HTC 7 Mozart.

No local synchronization with Outlook

Also personal information management is dependent on Exchange or the Windows Live service Hotmail. ActiveSync has given way to the modern over the air sync methods to the desktop sync it.

In addition the HTC can 7 Mozart as all WP7 devices despite lush memory not as mobile hard drive and despite fast HSPA interface 7.2 Mbit/s in the down and 2 Mbit / s in the upload not as a modem for your notebook (“tethering”) be used. Microsoft security concerns as the reason there’s – an opinion that some information might change.

Overall, the list of omissions, which supplement would be to details, should really affect only a small subset of users. And when he loudly logs to words, Microsoft is may deny themselves barely the customer needs.

Especially as many features on the HTC 7 Mozart are already well to very well resolved, as the above-average display, the excellent camera, the data transmission with the exception of the limited Bluetooth functionality. Also the important functions of the phone, the messaging services and last but not least the Web browser show already high maturity.

The user interface is contained in the essential points, important tasks have been completed with a small number of clicks. To the HTC also so quickly that the user never in the dark about remains, if its input has arrived also respond 7 Mozart.

Only exception: during charging to a third-party power supply the HTC 7 Mozart came more than once in a State in which it is very unpredictable responded to commands. That is also the processing of smartphones with its case made of metal for the part at a high level, is a product far above the portfolio-based HTC almost by itself.

Where’s probably precisely is the metal housing that is the HTC 7 Mozartt downfall. Because measurements of transmission and reception quality is the more expensive HTC model behind HTC wrapped in a pure Plastic dress 7 trophy. The difference is five points, with four of them at the expense of the GSM range in this discipline.

The acoustics do not give rise to the criticism: no matter, whether you call him or of a HTC 7 Mozart – called sound like speech intelligibility are at a high level. That’s enough also a total for a good in terms of measured values.

To compensate for the weaknesses in the still incomplete software facilities and only weakly satisfying endurance, it is not enough yet.

Conclusion: Potential not fully exploited

The bottom line the HTC missed the endnote “good” at two points in the final evaluation 7 Mozart what HTC is likely pain especially in view of the points lost against the trophy at the radio. A recommended Smartphone with plenty of potential is the HTC 7 Mozart but always.

Thanks to NAVIGON select Telekom Edition today only the Windows phone-7-offers of Telecom with navigation software can wait to stand. Although the functionality away from the pure guidance is still limited, but maps from the ROOF area is included. Practical:, An online connection is not required for navigation using the HTC 7 Mozart. Moreover, the software for Telekom customers is free of charge.

With NAVIGON select Telekom Edition is the user for easy navigation in the ROOF area.

Who would like to hold music, pictures or videos not permanently in the memory of the HTC 7 Mozart and still occasionally needs access, can use the Media Center. The Telekom customers offers 25 gigabytes of storage for exactly this purpose, Office documents can be here however not.

Frequent travelers will appreciate with a sense for relaxation the mobile TV app for the HTC 7 Mozart. It offers a slew of Fersehsendern via UMTS streaming live access for 7.50 euros monthly. Of course, football fans choose the League total package for 4,95 EUR per month that Football live offers all the games of the 1st and 2nd. The data transfer is on two sites within Germany included.

Technical data and test results

Operating system
Processor / clock speed (MHz) Qualcomm Snapdragon / 1000
internal memory (MB) 13690
Memory card slot
Phone / qwert keyboard / touchscreen / /
Battery type / variable Li-ion /.
USB host / client / /
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / / /
HSDPA / HSUPA 7.2 /.
Wi-FI / standard / 802.11b / g / n
… Headset profile / hands-free profiles /
… OBEX / SIM access-profiles /
Type transm. TFT
Resolution (pixels) 480 x 800
Number of colors 65536
Diagonal (inches) 3.7
Call list / ringing tones of groups of callers
Brokering / withhold /
Situation profiles: Number / flight mode 3 /.
Handsfree / mute /
Contact management
ANZ. Telephone number / Email / address 7 / 3 / 3
Image / notes field / date of birth / /
Appointment management
Day / week / month view / /
weekly / annual events /
Notes /… typed / ink… /… Outlook-sync / / /
To do list / with date /
Sync: Windows / Mac / SyncML / /
Look at Word / edit /
Consider Excel / edit /
PDF Viewer / calculator / voice memo / /
Email / POP3 / IMAP / /
Attachments send / receive /
SMS / MMS / fax / /
Web / frames / Java / Java scripting / / /
Home / Favorites /
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC / / /
Video player / full screen display /
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV / /
Integrated camera / resolution (mega pixels) / 8
GPS receiver
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 119 x 60 x 12
Weight (grams) 130
Endurance D power (hours) 6:21 am
Stamina E-Netz (hours) 6:11 am
Endurance UMTS (hours) 3:22
type. Endurance (hours) 3:45
Standby time days (days) 13
standard radiation factor / SAR value (-/ W / kg) -0.34 / 0,540
Endurance (max. 115) satisfactory (75)
Endurance conversation / operation (80) 52
Endurance standby (35) 23
Facilities (max. 175) satisfactory (131)
System (15) 13
Scope of delivery (10) 4
Display (30) 24
Connectivity (20) 15
Phone functions (15) 12
Messaging (15) 12
PIM (15) 10
Office (10) 7
Web browser (10) 9
Camera (10) 8
Music and video (10) 7
Features (5) 0
Navigation (10) 10
Handling (max 125) well (103)
Manageability (30) 26
User interface (70) 58
Processing quality (20) 16
Documentation / support (5) 3
Measurements (max. 85) good (64)
Transmission and reception quality GSM (33) 21
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (17) 10
Acoustic measurements send (17.5) 17.5
Acoustic measurements receiving (17.5) 15.5
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points satisfactory (373)
tested in issue: 12 / 10


Endurance talk (35)
Persistence display mode (65)
System (15)
Scope of delivery (10)
Display (40)
Connectivity (15)
Phone features (10)
Messaging (15)
PIM (15)
Office (5)
Web browser (15)
Camera (15)
Music and video (10)
Navigation (5)
Ease of handling
User interface
Processing quality
Transmission and reception quality GSM (30)
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30)
Acoustic measurements send (15)
Acoustic measurements receiving (15)
tested in issue: 12/10
CONNECT sentence maximum 500 points