HP Slate AIO 21 in 1.8 Ghz Tegra 4

Although we are still awaiting the arrival on the market of the HP Slate 7 postponed to June it seems that HP wants to work hard and get into the Android market in a big way. After seeing a likely 10 “model, jump off the benchmark AnTuTu even a generous 21”, probably to compete with Asus Transformer AiO.

Are not yet present images available and HP has not confirmed anything yet, what we can know is that it is a 21 “with Nvidia Tegra Processor 4 at 1.8 Ghz that we remember being aQuad Core with 72 GPU which achieved a score in 23,584 benchmarks, not many considering that the Tegra 4 up to 36,000 but even so few saw that most likely it is a prototype with a software still in development as the Android version is 4.2.1 against 4.2.2 on the SlateBook 10 HP X 2.

Unfortunately we don’t know whether we can expect a device sold in tandem with Windows 8 with a solution similar to Asus or a home entertainment device, in any case it will be difficult to see someone prowling the streets with a tablet from 21 “while playing Ingress.