HP New Luxury Smartwatch

The HP smartwatch designed by artist Michael Bastian hit the market for $ 350

Some months ago we noticed the smartwatch that are making guys HP in collaboration with artist and American designer Michael Bastian. In a time when all the great technology companies are betting heavily on this new product category, HP does not want to miss the chance to take a bite so succulent as the market smartwatch and this is the cake MB Chronowing, smart his first watch.

The design of HP’s premium smartwatch and commitment to the area as the main hallmark as they have done other models like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R. We find a sphere of 44 mm stainless steel, sapphire crystal and monochrome LCD screen will be able to show different notifications of our smartphones, as well as some relevant information.

Of course, your monochrome display not prevent others from enjoying themselves a smartwatch like reading a text message features, check out our music, check the weather will be in our city and more. Judging by the new images that the company has published, it seems that the operating system interface will be minimal, Pebble style, which greatly limit the multimedia capabilities of the device.

Another important feature to note is that finally seems to not incorporate touch screen, so the interaction with the clock changes by the three physical buttons we can see on the right side of the smartwatch. Again, both the button layout as its monochrome display at Pebble reminds us, a smart watch that has earned its place in the market.

THE MB Chronowing not feature a touch screen and we interact through 3 side buttons

As we see in CentralledWatch, the LED watches have other interesting features of this MB Chronowing is water resistance to a depth of up to 5 atmospheres, as well as its long battery life of up to 1 week of autonomy. Undoubtedly, the use of a monochrome display has been instrumental to achieve such duration.

Finally, despite its looks and premium materials, the HP smartwatch will be released for $ 350, exactly the same price as the entry model of Apple Watch. It will hit stores on November 7, if only we can get hold of him at Gilt a prestigious American firm dedicated to the marketing of fashion accessories.