How To Wear Velvet Dress, The Fall/Winter Trend 2017

Soft, nice, elegant and warm touch. These are the main attributes of the blouse or velvet dress-pieces that came back with everything in the Fall/Winter 2017 fashion. The fabric is often referred to a retro and sophisticated look, since it was used a lot in the 60s and 70s.

But the fashion is cyclical and good trends always come back to make success on the catwalks and streets after some time. With its different models (cordial, devour, German, crystal or wet), the velvet came back refreshed and with a new face, making head of fashionistas from all over the world.

That’s why extrareference comes up with some great tips on how to use velvet and tear down this trend. Check it!

Velvet Dress

The velvet dress can be worn in both special situations thanks to the elegance that the piece provides, as in superfashions productions and full of attitude for the day to day. For this, it is essential to combine with modern accessories, to give personality to the look.

Another way to modernize and play with the model is daring in shoes, like using a white tennis shoe with laser cutouts .

For the middle season and places where the cold is not intense, the velvet slipdress-that comfortable, dress that resembles a sweater-is a good request.

Velvet Blouse

The turtleneck and velvet are two trends that combine incredibly well and is perfect for creating a very elegant look for parties. The blazers are also a good option to use with the fabric, giving an air of seriousness.

For a more sophisticated velvet look , make compositions using leather, silk, transparencies and even metallic tones on other pieces, accessories or shoes. One tip is the metalised sandals with a heel that, in addition to fashion , is very comfortable.

Another example that mixes the novelties is the velvet bomberjacket, ideal for people who like to abuse in style.

Other Velvet Pieces

The velvet fashions are on all sides and can make whole looks with the fabric, for example. Pants and skirts should also come into the collection, which include accessories such as bags and belts.

One tip that fits well in all situations is the mule shoe, another trend that came to bomb on the streets in 2017.