How to Wear The Parka?

The parka is a real basic wardrobe. It is a coat that combines comfort and modernity. But how to wear it without overstated the casual look? Read this article to choose your parka and well everyday wear.

1) Choose the right parka

The parka is a coat of military origin. It is mostly the thicket time and wind: the coat. Fight against the cold quintessential Drop the transparent neo parka, too short or multicolored, is it better to invest in a basic yet beautiful you never get tired and will be timeless.

Here are some tips to choose your parka:

  • the one chooses in the typical colors: khaki, camel or rust.Avoid the black too male and too dull for that part.
  • It is straight cut
  • It includes pockets with lapel
  • It is chosen with a hood
  • Its length is covering or below the hip bone or mid-thigh

So that it is female, it is better to choose with a drawstring at the waist, but also with nice details, consider including buttonholes (not plastic ugly soulless): gilded metal buttons are a good example way of stylizing.

Finally, we can choose a parka with a detachable portion in order to bring it in mid-season and winter. In midseason we single door without lining, buttons winter we filled the part so that it is much warmer. Best to even find a model with a detachable hood and we have two garments in one: a midseason army jacket and a winter parka with hood and stuffed inside.

2) While wearing the parka

The parka may well be scope in midseason. When the days are cooler, or the rain rears his nose, put on your parka! Without his thicket cozy side and without hood (if it is removable), it looks like two peas in an army jacket.

Scope and such a jacket, it will have the gift of making all your sophisticated pieces such as dresses or skirts a lot more relaxed. It will also be great worn with shorts to the “defeminize”. Wear it without asking yourself too many questions, above printed dresses, basic t-shirts etc. It goes with everything and brings maximum style.Remember to roulotter sleeves to relax even more and especially your own. This is a detail that makes the difference, to know 3 other impactful details, read my article”These 4 details that bring the style. ”

Basically, parka brings a “cool” to your outfit. It is also there that the color. Persimmon is my favorite because it’s a color that goes with everything: basic colors such as navy blue, nude, cream, gray, colors much more frank like orange or burgundy for example.

Feel free also to simply wear with jeans and a white t-shirt, for example. To choose your white shirt, read the article “Of wear white t-shirt” .

As soon as it starts getting colder, think about layering. The parka is doing very well with a single shirt and an open shirt. The denim shirt such fits very well with the parka. Think also of printed shirts such as lumberjack plaid shirts so that will also bring maximum speed.

In winter, add stuffed inside to turn it into coat. Wear it with chunky knit wool or with your favorite cashmere. I repeat never enough, so that your outfit is hot, it is the overlays, so feel free to put on:

Under sweater Uniqlo + chambray shirt + sweater wool or cashmere.

What is practical with the parka is that its shape is full, you can wear a lot of layers of clothing underneath.

Finally, do not forget the accessories and party makeup! The parka has a slightly masculine side, so you have to balance the feminine accessories like pretty jewelry, Dadam a bag, a belt, a colorful scarf or a beautiful lipstick!

3) Which shoes associate with his parka?

The shoes are also a good way to dress up this “army” part. Here are the shoes that you can wear your parka:

The Boots

Boots, whether camel, black or cream color combine very well with the parka in mid-season and winter.

Think of this outfit: Dress Boots + easy + Necklace + Parka

The white sneakers

White sneakers are basic wardrobe for all seasons. They are also superb with the parka because they provide minimal key.

Think of this outfit: Jean gray heather cashmere sweater + + + parka white converse

Male footwear

Loafers or oxfords bring a lot of resistance to parka, which is normal because they are much more dressed up, it is still a contrast of history!

Think of this outfit: simple t-shirt + Skirt + loafers + Bracelet + parka

The sandals

In mid-season, you can completely wear your sandals with your parka to feminize it.

Think of this outfit: denim shorts + blouse + cream + parka metallic sandals

How you wear your parka? Leave a comment below the article to share your ideas!