How to Wear the Black and White Trend

The black and white trend returns to the front of fashion autumn winter 2011 2012 scene. How easily wear without provided banging the Beetlejuice look?

Dress in black and white head to toe can be pretty dicey because the result is sometimes too cartoonish. Between allure of pierrot or look of stripes (in case of scratches), not obvious to count how far we can go in the mix of these two colours. That is why you will find a lot of models rather softened by a cream color than a really Frank White. Here are a few tips to season.

Inspiration sixties

It’s big, big, fashion this fall in the register black and white. These are some very graphic looks inspired by the 60s and dresses baby doll. There not bad at the moment at H & M, straight dresses including, the twiggy. To wear with very opaque tights and varnished for example shoes.

Printed peas, houndstooth, Plaid, stripes

The geometric prints in a black and white look are not easy to wear. Scratches, tiles or the famous sharp can quickly turn optical illusion. It’s nice on the computer, but much less on you strangely. You can avoid taking too big grounds and to introduce a color other than black or white in your outfit of the day. A Visual poke is good enough.
N.B.: the look below with the houndstooth scarf works rather well with the coat mottled black and white because it is a pretty cool graphic result of big ground on small. In these cases, prefer the big accessory motif and not on a whole dress or a coat for example.

The low and high solution different

Best solution if one is not at all connected by the retro style and small doll from the 1960s or the option print. A low black + a white top or vice versa, a classic that still works very well. These are outfits that work always also as part of the job.

Evening dress

In the evening, wearing a very frank white with black is certainly easier than in daylight. In general these are outfits more classes and require a little side show off like this blazer curved or this dress falsely H & M. This bustier can be a dress or a white tuxedo with black details or vice versa. Once again, the important thing is the graphical result, better accepted in the evening or for special occasions.