How to Wear Python Print

The python print is the new leopard. It’s a pattern of old beeyatch and yet you know that even if he has a little trouble to go to the beginning, the suppository will return anyway. Here are a few tips.

Why two years ago, the python print it was for the old hag?

Because the python skin, like the Croc (skins of reptiles), the real thing – a bit like fur-it’s rare, and all what is rare is expensive. The old hag like spend its dollars in clothes of exceptions. Also because the python skin is not quite smooth. Y’ has scales, some rough areas here and there. Who knows, perhaps reminds him a bit his skin, which is more award-winning freshness. Whatever it is, what the fur is to his coat, the python is his bag and his boots.

Note: you can also find fluorescent pink Python on the boots of a country Las Vegas dancer.

2011: the cobra strikes back

As in a scene of plane from a bad film, the snake print spreads on parades in early 2011. As the creators want not too, too angry PETA and they want especially to join the public, exit the true beast, print just fine. Python is the new leopard.

How, we, girls of 20 years, we’re wearing print python in 2011?

Choose the graphics and modern forms. I.e. a short skirt instead of a pencil skirt, a straight cut blousant top or shirt unstructured rather than a tie neck blouse. Side accessories, switch to brown or gray print if you don’t master it not very well andrely on print snakes colored at the Haribos. You will avoid direct to ten years in the teeth.

Another trick, bet on the clothes and accessories componet, a good mix between print and sobriety.

Not to mention that the leather and the snake print marry very well. This is for the side wild. A perfecto for example, immediately comes to harden a dress in python too light and too much at first.