How to Wear Mermaid Style

Nyv is one of the main trends for summer 2012, which is not simple to wear in real life Street. Here are a few tips.

The list of our forbidden fashion is often long as something very long.

You swear your gods, in every season, that this new and strange fad of the magazines will never land in your dressing room. No, the satchel and the “claudine” col will not pass by you.

Yes. Five blouses and two dresses to little model girl looks later, maybe it’s time to know what you’re going to wear next summer, and to understand why, rather than sinking in denial.

After the pastel madness, here is an another strong trend for spring: the mermaid look.

As each of the modes announced for a season, this underwater surge is largely inspired by the catwalks. In this case, the Chanel show. A show all in seabed, with giant shell, silver son and simpering Pearly. We are reassured: we’re closest to the naiad civilized of the little redhead to the scallops on the nipples. At this stage, therefore, don’t panic.

The Pope of fashion isn’t alone in leaving free rein to his delirium Cousteaudien: Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen and Paco Rabanne (who is trying to impose this style since about the beginning of his career, it’s true) were-among others-whipped out their fins and light submarines clothes cuts.

Result: the new collections of your brands and favorite channels engage in fish. Blue, of the silver, water patterns, the blade, who shines like the satin of a U.S. promo and sequins prom dress. A lot of sequins.

How to become a mermaid without dressing up?

To be clear: this is probably the least obvious tendency to transpose in real life this season. Report that there is not a red carpet evening per week, nor the inclination to lug around in class or at work with a kilo of sequins on the buttocks. For some of us, the traumatic memory of the clothing choices of the Barbie hair of the seas is still too vivid.

So let the case sparingly. Yes the fancy of all kinds accessories, to widely loosen up on jewelry, shoes and bags, with a somewhat more classic outfit. Why not also some parts very glitter, especially in the evening, related to black, John, of soft, from the gently.

Another solution: keep the dominant colors, the silver, blue and green, but in other subjects, for those who do not completely take the side Butterfly light.

Remains to be seen if the trend will really take the streets. And you, gives you rather jouasses or doubtful?