How to Wear Leather Bracelets

Bracelets are a bit like shoes or bags: they always fit and you just can not have enough of them. The beauty is that they can also be worn in the pack, because they are especially effective. That distinguishes her, however, from bags and co, because you have to decide then for one. So you can say that the bracelets are an advantage in this case, because in this way you can strip several of the trendy tapes around your wrist in the morning and the agony of the choice is spared. 


Currently, it is leather bracelets, which radiate against one of the relevant fashion sheets. They are robust, absolutely sexy and wonderful to combine. Just worn several times and like with watch to make them a perfect picture. The brah number of the bracelets is rivets or other applications, which loosen the leather slightly. This trend is by no means only hard for the ladies, also the male guild decorates their wrists more and more with cool leather bracelets, but these are generally rather simple and are maximally supplemented by silver limbs, but other snickering is completely dispensed with . In addition, men wear only one of the stly bands-too much of the good would definitely not be appropriate here.

Here I just list the highlights, which have fallen into my eye. First of all, I would like to recommend Campomaggi, this brand is especially for us through the handmade bags, but the bracelets are in no way in terms of style and individuality. The tapes are all handmade from high quality leather and get their individual touch by XXL rivets, which are attached to the bracelets in various variations. However, Fossil is also at the forefront when it comes to trendy leather bracelets. There are very different styles, either a bit more playful with balls in gold and silver as with this beautiful piece or a little more strict as with this bracelet, which is coated with silver armor chain elements.
For men I would recommend a stylish piece of braided leather, but also this bracelet, which looks like a belt looks great. All in all a nice selection and the autumn can come.