How to Wear High Waisted Jeans

Despite the protests through all France, blocking the main commercial centres (it is harsh!) and the threat to the jean-string (No. how), the high waist is back! Suddenly of buttock, it gives off light low size and its apparent g-string (funeral scheduled for this afternoon,

Meeting Place of the Church) to impose a new standard on our sumptuous butt: senior hisses bridges, Santiano! The expert reports are clear: the trend for autumn/winter 2007-2008 is very much back the belt and this

strong current risk register on several seasons yet. Then, resistance is still possible though for those who wish to succumb to the charms of the high waist, a small update is necessary.

Snif, size low finished?

The high waist, you handsomely laughed in a while ago (0.45/5!): it was just good for Scrooge Jones, the clown that eats children and Ms. Monsart, your math teacher (whose legend has it also that she can resist nor a nice ‘ little stew of repeating). In short, not wearable, not fair, not imaginable and yet, what was ‘in’ yesterday will soon become ‘out’ and vice versa, before turning again as before (I hope that well you came).

This phenomenon of up-and-coming trends and against which person or almost can’t do anything (I mean well put aside Boy George, Michou and Eve Angeli, who remain, them, always true to their style), does that “it goes and it ‘s” of fashion. Yes, at first, makes a little seasick but eventually get used to, especially when you consider that ultimately makes walking the trade, so create jobs. Keynes won’t mind my point if I advance the hypothesis that fashion, it is the ideal tool to revive growth. -This is a message to the attention of the current Government: Linda receives in his consulting firm from Monday to Friday and by appointment. Fees debate. Payment cash only.

Waist high, is that?

After years of size low, hard to imagine back his belt above the navel, sometimes almost just under the chest. Besides, if on the mannequins, it goes again, we, is difficult to imagine be able to parade around in a pair of jeans which the zip closure measure more than 30 cm… If it is true that this summer already and even more in the coming months, waist high decline in 1001 ways, it is just as should follow that no doubt know adapt to its morphology. Tips:

> You are rather small: contrary to appearances, waist high can become your ally as by optical effect, it lengthens the leg! For that, put on a straight pants (rather than slim or very flared – ca may Pack your figure) and chosen him long enough to be able to wear it incognito with a compensated dizzying. The famous skirt (knee length) pencil you is not prohibited, however, you must always wear with high heels to not create imbalance between the length of your legs (lying on the waist high) and one of your calves.

> You’re pretty big: no particular forbidden, with long slender all legs is allowed (including shorts and combis)! The best choice being: flare jeans (flared) or wide pants that you can even wear a little loose.

> You have a modest size or a little belly: put on a pair of jeans very size high and the corset effect. Favours a model with yoke cincher way and which is closed by buttons. If at the fitting, the operation can be a tricky (Ho! pull!), the result, it will be more bluffing (the cladding is immediate, it’s Magic!).

> You’re rather round everywhere: waist high is not prohibited, although instead, it is an opportunity to put your femininity and your pretty shapes in value. For this, opt for a dress and highlights your size with a wide belt, madly trend this winter.

> You got a little too buttock or thigh: no problem, the high waist lie and so refined! Put on a straight skirt or pants to bridge and flared cut. The idea is to rebalance your figure playing on volumes rather than accentuate your forms in casting at all.

Prejudice goodbye!

The high waist is primarily a look: ultra feminine, sexy and retro so a priori, much classier than the low size to the much higher potential of “vulgarity” (string that exceeds, rolls into view, etc. – even if the vulgarity is a matter of subjectivity).

With a cup size high, focus on the suggestion, it was pointed out rather than spread out, and it’s, it’s the basic concept of feminine elegance. But right now, you’re going to tell me: ‘Ok, but then why my aunt Suzanne who wear jeans with as high as the Golden Gate bridges look like Audrey Hepburn?’. Well the answer is probably somewhere still at the level of its posture, the choice of Cup and the rest of her outfit (Duffel slippers and padded jacket Damart). While it is true that high waist rhyme, in our imagination, with Granny, in truth, well controlled, it is the prerogative of the sexy vamps. Now you can see if you dare to challenge the…