How to Wear Flats

One thing to be anticipated is that anyone who believes in shoe shorts in spring/summer 2015, that he must grab dizzying high heels, is unfortunately wrong. Flat steppers have never been so much in the spotlight as this year. It does not matter whether it is belt sandals or slingpumps with mini-heel-the main thing is flat and pointed! Apart from a cool look, they also provide relaxed feet.

What Are Flats?

Flats” are for shoes with little heel, such as ballerina or slippers. All of them are totally hip this year and are also super comfortable-so you can hit two birds with one stone. The term “Flats” also includes Brogues, Creepers and Loafers. For those who can not yet imagine much among the terms, here is a brief explanation for you:

Brogues are actually lace-up shoes from the men’s world with striking Lyra perforation. The shoe is preceded by a long tradition leading to Scotland and Ireland.

Creepers feature a seamless platform sole that gives the shoe a special aesthetic appeal.

Loafers, on the other hand, have a small paragraph, but are still in the category flat shoes. They are also often referred to as college shoes and are suitable for “hatching”.

How To Combine Flats?

Their pointed shape makes them very ladylike and give every outfit an elegant touch-with flat shoes everything is possible. The classic black flats dominate the models because they fit easily into every look. If you are a bit more fancy this summer, you will also find ballerinas with elaborate details such as straps or eye-catching seams. The material mix of smooth and suede leather will be an absolute highlight.

Especially in the office they look more elegant than their round relatives and make a particularly good figure. They are less eccentric and have much more sex appeal.

The advantage of flats is that they lengthen the foot visually, making it slimmer and narrower.The best way to combine this is a flared skirt, a 3/4 trousers or the new Culottes, which by their shortened length keep the eye on the ankle and the shoes.

In contrast, pointed flats are usually only slender legs when combined into a skirt or a dress. It is important to pay attention to the proportions, because a small mistake in the length makes the shoes look unfavorable.

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