How to Wear Classic Pants

Are full of new ideas and elegant replicas of classic style. Just ask yourself the question, means neither more nor less “what to wear women’s pants?”-make a lot of images to fashion and style.exemples

Podium always-an opportunity for reflection and the imitation. Comme it is possible to make such a set, and if it can be assembled from the usual stuff from her personal wardrobe. These questions are not given only that is alien to the world of fashion and the sense of good taste.

How To Wear Women’s Pants Have Made Closer And Classic

impeccable in terms of elegance and style, the set will make women’s blouses and classic jackets. The best way to collect modern fashion held always fashionable and perfect just does not come. The only thing to consider making-is the proportion of its own chiffres.question

“How to wear women’s pants?” never occurs in the owners themselves”
Booking forms of type “Hourglass”. Choose a stylish top and collect the image as a whole for them is not difficult. The problem is a bit more complicated in this case, it is those whose proportions the designers describe it as a “pear” or “triangle”.

Tight Tops and cardigans adjusted figure will only reinforce the imbalance figure, so in this case, the individual is so important and non-triviales solutions. Beautifully thigh tight and slightly flared pants in the line of the knee will become an excellent companion for volume, but light and cropped blouses jackets styles strict simple cut and local dimensions.

It is important to pay particular attention to the length, as programingplease suggests. Fix a hand to the size-it is this length would be better to create a harmonious and balanced silhouette.

For The less common type of “Apple” shape where the hips combined with broad shoulders and an enviable breast size should do just the opposite. And that means – to pick up her tight figure blouse or a combination of the overlying buffer and without a life jacket Cup. Uniform rules

In The World of modern fashion is not, but it allows to build a women’s pants and a-line silhouette slim. The trend – sophisticated, contrasting combination of volumes. But in this quite complicated fashion game has a simple rule that should be taken into account.

Combine things different volumes. Refined and tight pants – with bulky complex tops cut. And frankly models alternative – pants, chinos and the more classic models simple and expressive high simple styles.

These rules will give you a perfect answer to the question how wearing formal pants – the most attractive, but also style the hardest of the fashion line.

How To Wear Short And Cropped Pants Women

Very fashionable, sexy and provocative. .. It is almost impossible to ignore this trend. When choosing a model, the most important thing – to find their own length. Just as in the case of successful styles of skirts – it is everyone.

The Most elegant and almost perfect solution-a model, the opening of the ankle. They are called “three quarters” or “seven-eighths.”. ” How to wear pants so short? Only by carefully choosing his own pants style and shoes for him.

The Most elegant look and advantageously these models narrowing openly. The current trend-a tribute to the fashionable style of the 1950s, in which feminine and sexy proportions assessed above all.

These pants are perfectly free style tops or semifitted. It is important that their combination creates a proportional and feminine silhouette.Cropped to the size or barely covering its line of blouses, shirts, vests and jackets will be the best components of all.

More Difficult in such combinations look tight, underscores the vertices of the figure. Designers, fashionable with these pants images, regardless of the difference of tastes, adhere to a unified mode and simple rule.

The focus should be a thing in the case of the pants – this exquisite line of hips and shapely legs. In these duets in all constitutions, it is best to look at the styles of romantic blouses to air, delicate sweaters and jackets and cardigans Surround complex a cup with an asymmetrical hemline and a free shoulder line.

Play fashion the difference in length. Short pants of any style – which is the case when lying on the line of hip to the highs will look perfectly elegant. In this case, it is important to point out the proportions of the figure, which has triggered a trend of fashion – layering. It is now not only in the images of the season when you want to dress warmly, but also in ete.gilets, jackets, light cardigans and jackets to help build the silhouette perfectly with such models.

The correct answer to the question of how to wear short pants will give the most accurate response shoes. In such the most successful combinations look all feminine and sophisticated models. They support the idea of a beautifully accented legs lines. Regardless of how drew comfortable shoes, sneakers or hiking shoes, it is worth trying the combination with the shuttles, elegant ballerinas or ties to fashion.

But heels shoes or on the impressive platform should be abandoned immediately. This would destroy the idea of a sophisticated picture light, which define these sophisticated autonomous modeles.modele should leave for other cases. Accentuate the color scheme, ease given the silhouette and give a precise answer to the question ‘ how stylish are wearing narrow pants ‘ help the more concise and very feminine, selected through a model. ”

What To Wear Black And Striped Pants

White-and think you’re partly colors Canonical raison. combinaison never goes, but these duets are dangerous by their stereotyped solutions.

Let you break the rules and choose what to wear with black pants to catch it in a pair of translucent blouse or shirt of white snow of the male wardrobe mode chiffon.

Black, according to the canons of fashion, in perfect harmony with the range floral-fruity mode. Select them lighter, optimistic shades of pink, blue or Mint. Local color tops, blouses and shirts absolutely precise answers given the trend of the season.

The Most controversial way from the point of view of supply and the spectacular image as a whole – the dark nuances. It would be advisable to wear a black model with the same color shirt or a blouse, try to avoid such combinaison.des images of solid color of today are based on combinations of contrasting textures, in addition, they are added unconditionally at the age, even younger people.

If your closet is, striped pants, the question “what to wear with them?”. Is as relevant as ever. The classic combination of the summits of local color seems boring and too classic. .. Then it’s time to try complex mixtures, which are so popular in actuelles.principe trends.

Their elegant combination is based on a simple rule – combining accurate colors and controversial-figures. Stripe and printed floral, or ‘Peas’, ‘cell’ or fashionable abstract composition.