How to Wear an Oversized Coat

Warm, comfortable, modern and super charming, oversized coats are taking up more and more the wardrobe of women who wish to warm themselves in the cold days with style and personality!

Women's Oversized Coat

Still do not know what an oversized coat is? Calm down, people explain! The word “oversized” comes from English and does not have an exact translation into Portuguese, but can be understood as something “too big” or “too big”.

The name itself says it all. To be considered oversized, the piece should be loose, loose and slightly longer. Very common in Europe and the United States (where winter temperatures tend to be stricter), oversized coats are very comfortable as they do not mark the body. There are various fabrics and models, among them are cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets …

Today overzided coats are found very easily, whether in department stores or in the windows of major brands. Can not afford to spend? It’s all right! How about taking a look at your boyfriend’s wardrobe, or borrowing from your brother, father … Creativity is what counts when setting up your production.

Check out some special tips on how to wear an oversized coat:

You will need:

  • So, did you like the tips? Always remember: the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, so use and abuse the pieces that match your personality and make you feel good.



Balancing volume is essential, so choose to use more tight and tight pieces along with the coat so it does not look like you forgot to pack up or you’re wearing someone’s clothes! Leggings, skinning pants, shorts and tighter skirts are great choices!


You can also choose to turn your oversized coat into a stripped and original dress. Several celebrities have already appeared using this type of look and made a great success.


The shoe can enhance your look or completely destroy it! Therefore, choose shoes that match the image you want to pass and with the occasion. Jumps are a great option to make the production more glamorous, but if you go out with friends on the streets or stroll in the mall, for example, sneakers, boots and some sneakers are more appropriate.


Being aware of your oversized fabric is very important as it can create a more casual or stripped-down look. The materials of the sweaters can vary a lot, but the knits and sweatshirts are always great options. (You even find some models with sequin applications!)

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