How to Wear a Scarf

Autumn means neck wardrobe culture. But what is the best way to wear a scarf? Manolo provides five examples.

Loose-hanging-when the cold is not too intrusive, this is an elegant way to wear the scarf. At least as stylish to wear free hanging outside go with the outer coat or jacket, although the neck the purpose then all will be to satisfy the vanity.

Simple Knot-Not rarely the best looking option in front of tortuous knots. Suitable especially for something broader and thinner scarves, providing a naturally neat case.

Dual lap-for those who want the scarf to cover a larger part of the neck are this knot is a good option. Wrap the first scarf a lap around the neck and tie a simple knot.

Plastrongknut -the basis is the same as for a simple bow tie apart from the last step where the scarf must fall freely rather than threaded through the loop that occurs. The advantage of this knot is that it is easy to tighten and simultaneously gives the scarf a naturally neat.

French knot-classical knot can be worn both before and beyond skjortkragen. One tip is to choose a longer scarf so that the ends are stopped inside the closure.